Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The New RT

Hello to all it's Ray W of RoyalsonRadioetc blog.
I'll be one of a few more writers to post on the all new Royal Treatment.
(and thee, first to post yeesss)
At first I was skeptical of a lot of writers all on a single blog BUT.
After I signed up the Royals have picked up 2 games from the evil Red-birdz and are looking for that ole sweet Sweep tomorrow !!
So I just wanted to introduce myself to all the RT readers. I'll continue to post my main stuff on RoR but just like Soria I can get you out with my B* stuff to.

* B stuff constitutes non radio related stuff and more in depth thoughts if I have any of course, terms and conditions apply see local dealer for special offers, 38 percent financing or 7.89 percent APR are not available through 1-2-09, writer pricing available you make what we make, a whopping $0.00 oww !

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