Monday, May 31, 2010

My Favorite Statistics

I posted this over on Royals Talk but I thought I'd share here, as well.

By the way, if you can't tell, Royals Prospects and the 610 official site consume almost all of my available time "baseballing" it on the webospheres. (Oh, yeah, Royals Nation Fantasy Baseball also plays a prolific role in my America's pastime dorkdom). Although I don't post nearly as often on sites like Royals Review, I read and frequent those sites like it's my job. I will continue to be extremely busy this summer, but know that I post rather rigidly detailed, daily Minor League reports over on Royals Prospects, the unofficial site of the Royals Minor League developments. On an unrelated note, though, there is one website in particular that has gone decidedly downhill due to shortsighted, in my opinion, business decisions by the powers in charge have made, resulting in discussion on the site plumbing the depths, shall we say. It has also gone downhill for other reasons but of course...for every man or woman his or her own.

Anyway, here is the post entailing some of my favorite modern-day baseball statistics:

Some of my favorite stats include....but are not necessarily limited to these. I am a stat-junkie so I find these fascinating and perhaps the best statistical evaluators of talent, though I'm not prone to using these in everyday speech or even writing.

For pitchers:

$-Value (per Fangraphs)
Pitch Type (and % used)
pLI (for relievers)

For offense:

LD% vs. GB% vs. FB%
(I also like the basic AVG/OBP/SLG)

For fielding:

+ / -
Total Zone

For baserunning:

Net SB
CS% or SB%
+ / - (you know, runs cost or added on basepaths)

Tools also play a prolific role in my player evaluations. But this post doesn't encompass pure scouting data, it encompasses something that would make Dr. Thunder proud. Am I right or am I right?