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Former Royals througout part one

Due to it's length only a few players June 25 2008. Part 1 started out as article on Graffanino but this is what it's grown into. I'm out of time and there is a chance I could lose power so here's part one of Royals throughout baseball.
( I know it's not as good RoyalsNation's but hey it's a start)

IF Tony Graffanino milb Indians
The Tribe yesterday inked former Royal Tony Graffinino to a milb contract he will begin working out with AAA Buffalo. He will be trying to come back from surgeries to repair a torn meniscus, and a torn ACL. A return-to-play date is yet to be announced.

RP Scott Elarton INDIANS
After being released by the Royals July of last year "Scottie" signed a milb deal with the Indians to try and salvage his career. It seems to be paying of so far, as he is back in the Majors.
0-1 3.68 ERA in 7 G's 14 IP 13 K's 9 BB's all in relief

C Sal Fasano INDIANS
Since being acquired from the Braves AAA team ole Sal with his awesome stach is back in the bigs proving ounce again that backup catchers play on forever even when they've seemingly lost it. 1 G 3 AB 2 K's the rest zeros

SP Bobby Keppel AAA Albuquerque (Marlins)
Bobby has started in 14 games and sports a 7-6 record with a high 4.97 ERA in 83 and a third innings. He's struck out 48 and walked 31. And continues to prove that his 1 couple of starts for the Royals were a fluke.

OF Emil Brown A's
Emil is getting plenty of playing time with his new team and at last check is yet to try and put anyone's eye out yet. Susan Slusser you may want to keep an eye out though.
Through 66 games Emil has 240 AB's 31 R's 59 hits 9 2B's 2 3B's 6 Homers and 42 RBI with 3 SB and a .246 AVG.

IF Donnie Murphy A's
Ol Doonie Rex Murphy has played in 28 games with the A's while batting .194 in 62 AB's while scoring 7 Runs nabbing a 2B, 2 Homers 6 RBI and 2 SB's.

DH Matt Stairs Blue Jays
Man I'm still pretty upset that DM traded Matty for a bust pitcher now pitching in Japan. Just think if we had Matt at 1B instead of Gload. Any way he continues to slug batting .258 with 8 HR's 28 RBI 29 Runs 50 hits 7 2B's and a SB.

RP Shawn Camp Blue Jays
Seems like yesterday Camp busted out of nowhere into the Royals pen after a solid ST. Now he's pitching for Cito. Through 24 games he's 1-1 with a nice 3.80 ERA in 23 IP and a sparkling 18/4
K/BB ratio.

SP Billy Buckner AAA Tucson (D-Backs)
After being traded to the D-Backs for Alberto Callaspo he's posted a 4-7 record with a 4.98 ERA in 16 AAA starts and 90 IP. He's also pitched for the D-Backs this year in 2 games, going 1-0 with 6.75 ERA in 2.2 IP.

2B Ruben Gotay Braves
Through 48 games he has 53 AB's 12 Hits and 4 runs scored. 1 HR 4 RBI and a SB. He is still 26 years old.

SP Brian Lawrence AAA Richmond (Braves)
Technicly not a Royal Brian was with KC in Spring Training where he was cut by the Royals.
He then signed a milb contract with the Braves and in 3 starts is 0-1 with a 8.22 ERA in 15.1 IP.
Not looking to good.

RP David Riske Brewers
The best reliever of 1 year ago for the Royals. It hasn't been all roses though for Riske with his new team. His stats 0-1 5.32 ERA 20 G 22 IP 1 SV 15/11 K/BB

SP Todd Wellemeyer Cardinals
Todd has found it, after totally stinking with KC he was claimed off waviers last year and has really turned things around with the magic of Dave Duncan. He now has a 7-2 record 3.67 ERA in 14 GS and 83 IP this year. To go along with a 65/28 K/BB.

C Jason LaRue Cardinals
Another case of stink with Royals not with Cardinals as he is batting .228 and is only 7 hits away from tying last years mark. He also has 2 HR's and 7 RBI

SP Runelvys Hernandez AAA Round Rock (Astros)
Chunk daddy has posted a 6-3 record with 3.72 ERA in 15 GS plus 1 CG raking in 84 IP and sporting a 63/23 K/BB. As he trys to make it back to the show.

SS Angel Berroa Dodgers
Angel after being acquired by the Dodgers has been a constant in the Dodgers lineup as he will try to regain his 03 form. So far in 14 Games: .200 AVG 9 hits 1 2B 4 Runs

LF Raul Ibanez Mariners
Rauuulll Ibanez !!! Probally the most painful free agent to leave. A great hitter still batting .280
with 9 dingers and 47 RBI, 33 runs and 83 hits. If the Mariners have a fire sell maybe the Royals can bring him back cheap ? ( Hey dream a little)

RP Miguel Asencio AAA Pawtucket (Red Sox)
Spent the year between AA Portland (18 games) and AAA Pawtucket (5 games). And supports a high ERA in both a 6.44 AA and, 5.00 AAA. No going to help make the Big leauge club.

OF Chip Ambres AAA Portland (Padres)
Chip who came to the Royals from the Red Sox organazation in the Graffinino trade along with P Juan Cedeno. Chip played with the Mets some last year and is trying hard to slug his way to San Diego batting .295 with 16 HR 57 RBI 81 Hits in only 74 Games. You've got to like his chances with the paltry Padres offense right now.

CF Carlos Beltran Mets
What more can you say about Bora$$'e$ man other then .278 AVG 11 HR 51 RBI 11 SB 79 Hits 54 Runs 20 2B's 3 3B's. Just think if the Royals outfield was Ibanez,Beltran,Guillen o how Royals fans can dream.

OF Endy Chavez Mets
Another Royal in the Met's OF Endy is batting .234 has 4 SB 1 HR 6RBI + 34 Hits

SP Adam Bernero AAA Indianapolis (Pirates)
My most fond memoery of Adam was a game where he just pitched a gem and the Burgos blew the save good times. For AAA Indi 4 GS 3.24 ERA 16 IP no desicons

RP Jonah Bayliss AAA Syracuse ( Blue Jays)
Ole Jonah, wasn't he traded to the Pirates along with Blackwell for Redman ?
Anyway he's pitched a combined 58 games for AAA Indianapolis and Syracuse along with a combined 6 SV's 69 IP 52 K's and 0-6 record.

RP Rudy Seanez Philles
I remember when the Royals brought up Rudy me and my brother called him stinky Seanez (because sucky Seanez wasn't allowed) he total stank yet the Royals still found a way to get him off the team through a trade. His numbers this year for the Phils: 22 games 3-3 2.19 ERA in 24 IP

1B Doug Mientkiewicz Pirates
I bet you thought "Dougie the original gritty player" was out of baseball. NOPE. He's still bringing his great glove and toughness to the Pirates. His #'s .256 AVG in 58 games + 129 AB's 33 H's 7 2B's 1 HR 12 RBI

3B Jose Bautista Pirates
The original "ears" for the Royals before Tony Pena Jr. The Roayals got him from TB for cash and then later traded him a three way deal that sent Kris Benson to the Mets Justin Huber to KC and Bautista and Ty Wiggington to the rats'. Jose's batting .265 with 9 HR's 35 RBI 58 hits 30 runs an a dozen doubles in 70 games this year.

RP J.P. Howell Rays
Running out of time so: 28 G no starts 6-0 2.90 ERA 1 SV in 2 Opp 49.2 IP 45 SO

RP Jamey Wright Rangers
4-3 3.89 ERA 38 Games 41 IP 0 SV in 3 Opp 29 K 18 BB

C Paul Bako Reds
.226 AVG 56 Games 40 hits 5 2B's 2 3B's 22 Runs scored 21 RBI and a sudden power surge with 6 HR's That's natral huh ?

SS Jeff Keppinger Reds
41 Games 49 hits 17 runs 3 HR 21 RBI and a sweet .318 AVG

RP Jeremy Affeldt Reds
Through 40 games 1-0 with 4.50 ERA and 38 IP 39/16 K/BB

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