Friday, June 27, 2008

Royals on the internet

Every once in a while, I may use this forum to go off on a rant. I won't curse, be offensive or anything like that, but I'm going to speak my mind.

I am tired of the average "fan" of the Royals on the internet. Do you know why? Because a real fan of this team are so far and few between on the internet it isn't even funny. Now, don't get me wrong, there are PLENTY of internet tough guy smartass's on here, but fans are far and few between.

We'll start with the 2 message boards I frequent the most. Royal Board and Royals Nation. I found them both a year or so ago, and like them both, but my patience is wearing thin with Royal Board. Royals Nation on the other hand has some of the nicest people with generally positive things to say about my hometown hereos. The only problem is, its like a wasteland sometimes. There just aren't enough people posting on there to make it a "must read" daily. If I could only combine what I like about the 2 boards into one, and scrap what I hate, I'd be in dreamland.

Now, you may ask why is my patience running thin with Royal Board. Here's why. It shouldn't even be called Royal Board. It should be called ARGUMENT BOARD (that just so happens to be about the KC Royals). There are 2 or 3 people that post there that run the damn board. No one can be correct about anything but them. And the funny thing is, sometimes I feel like they may really truely agree with you, but they argue with you just to piss you off.

I really hope someday they realize that you're a turd if all you do is complain all day about how bad the Royals suck. That's like making fun of a retarded kid. Its just too easy of a target.

But it probably all goes back to how they were treated growing up. I call these fellas "internet tough guys". They're absolute pussies in real life, but on the internet they are straight up BADASSES. But on Royal Board they're the board badasses in a different way. They are smart, they know their stats, history, and that, and they will pull that crap out in a heartbeat. JUST to show you how you're wrong in almost every statement you make. It must make them feel good to be the KINGS of a worthless ass message board. The funny thing is, most of the ITG's on that board, couldn't lift my jockstrap in the real world. And the real funny thing, they rag on Ross Gload, Tony Pena, and Joey Gathright all the damn time, but I bet they'de cum in there pants if one of those guys ever said as little as "hi" to them on the street.

Now there are a few, "good guy" posters on RoyalBoard. They put up with the 2 or 3 ITG's crap day in and day out. They post their thoughts KNOWING the stathead badasses are going to shit on them for eveything they say. I don't know how they do it.

You know what really gets me. The head guy of that board, EOT, lets these assholes run wild because of what they "bring to the board". That's an easy way of saying since they never mutter an actual curse word, they can be-little every other poster with absolutely no re-course. But if they piss a guy off and he lets them have it, he gets a mandatory vacation for a week to a year depending on the head guy's mood.

Either way, I'm done with the shenanigans. I'll continue to go there. I'll continue to get told how STUPID I am because I enjoy watching Ross Gload, Joey Gathright, Jimmy Gobble play. Not Tony Pena Jr, though, even I hate that guy. I'll continue to be labled a dummy because I have no earthly idea what a WARP is or a WHIP or a OPS+ or any of that nonsense. And do you know why, because I simply love the Royals enough to. That's why.


Anonymous said...

Great read you're right about Royal Board I hardly go there anymore unless I feel like defending my thoughts on something to the grave. And don't say anything about Sweeney.

KMartin said...

Whoa Dr. Thunder. Great post! Different strokes for diff folks I guess. Being somewhat new to the world of blog I would much rather read posts of over zealous fans who think the Royals will win the pennant this year rather than posts from people who think the Royals suck and provide all their sucky sabermetrics and statistics to prove it. There is some truth in what you theorize about someone bashing another on the internet to compensate for their shortcomings in their personal life. But unfortunately, it's also true that these that are so rude on line are also rude in real life.