Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello Royal Treatment peoples. My tag, “RLBLUE”, comes from the license plates I got for my new (to me) Royal Blue vehicle… OK… it’s a mini-van, but it’s NOT my fault! Some lady in an SUV ran a red light & totaled my full-sized van… had to get what I could get, besides, the wife is more willing to drive the mini-van than the truck.

I just started posting on a “blog” that I’ve had since April. Mostly, I had been using it to post pics… hoping to use them as Avatars on Royals Nation… alas… I have failed.

But you can read more about me over there (RLBLUE – The Buddha Gut – DOM).
The actual URL is:
(“kcrylz” was another license plate I was considering)

Anyway, I’ll blog specific Royals related stuff here, and more personally related Royals stuff on the other thang.

I’m, not a research or stat guy, just a gut feeling type of fan.

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Anonymous said...

Gut fans are great and if you've got a buddha gut, it should be great !