Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Series Attendance: I'm Disappointed.

A bit disappointed by the crowds over the weekend. I really thought hovering near .500 for a significant stretch this season, followed by improving 7 games last year after improving by 6 the year before would increase attendance at least somewhat, but apparently not.

- Is it the construction at the K coupled with the slight inconvenience of parking?

- Do we need to allow even *more* time for success for fans to begin flocking to the 'K' again in surges?

- Has the team performed poorly in promoting their product?

- Or has Kansas City officially given up on a franchise now promising to turn the corner for good - for the first time in 15 years?

36,360 on Friday (+/- 25,000 Royals fans)

37,357 on Saturday (+/- 25,000 Royals fans)

31,803 on Sunday (+/-20,000 Royals fans)

Some numbers for the season, per Baseball Reference.

Total Attendance: 794,433

Attendance / Game: 19,861

Attendance Rank: 14th of 14

Total Attendance 2007: 1,616,867

Attendance / Game: 19,961

Attendance Rank: 13th of 14

That's right, folks. Our attendance is actually *below* that of last year, even following all the marked changes in the organization and the stadium.

Last weekend, roughly 1/3 of the fans were Cardinal fans....and yet we STILL couldn't sell out 2 of the 3 games, against a notorious rival, on a summer weekend. From my own perspective, it seemed Cardinal fans dominated as much of the stadium as they have in the past 5 years. Is the city this slow to understand the significant changes that have occurred not only in the standings/record, but in the organization as a whole? Absolutely pathetic. Who or what is to blame? How in the world do you explain this?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Royals in Baseball Part 2

RP Dennys Reyes Twins
The Big Sweat 2-0 2.31 ERA 37 Games 23 IP 12/7 K/BB

RP Brian Bass Twins
"F*** the Royals" So the Royal hater finally made the show and here's his stats:
3-2 4.53 ERA in 28 Games 1SV 51.2 IP 23/17 K/BB stats here

RF Jermaine Dye White Sox
Another one of the Royals dreamy Outfielders and he's having a great year:
In 74 games 17 HR 47 RBI .302 AVG 86 Hits 47 Runs stats here

RP Octavio Dotel White Sox
The Royals closer from a year ago is 3-4 3.19 ERA in 37 games 36.2 IP and 0 SV's in 2 chances. But a nice 53/19 K/BB stats here

P D.J. Carrasco Charlotte AAA (White Sox)
Is 0-1 with 3.68 ERA in 4 Games 1 start in 14.2 IP 18/5 K/BB stats here

LF Johnny Damon Yankees
A great picture huh ? Yep another great former Royal OFer. Remembering all of this is depressing. 75 games 93 hits 46 runs 20 2B 3 3B 6 HR 35 RBI 13 SB .322 AVG stats here

C Greg Zaun Blue Jays
50 games 39 hits 7 2B's 5 HR 16 RBI .258 RBI stats here

OF Alexis Gomez AAA Albuquerque (Marlins)
.234 AVG in 23 games 18 hits 4 HR 12 RBI 5 SB the rest here

RP Jorge Vasquez (Monterrey Mexican)
0-0 1.23 ERA in 7 games 4 SV's 0 BS 7 IP 12 K's stats here

RP Chris George AAA Syracuse (Blue Jays)
One of our favorite blown Royal pitching prospect. Has played for both AAA Syracuse and AAA Colorado Springs combined 0-4 5.50 ERA 28 Games 34.1 IP 1 SV 23/19 K/BB stats here

OF Justin Huber ???
I can't find anything on him as being DFA'd or anything he's not on the Friars active roster but he's listed as active. Don't ask me, Anyway in 33 games he has 15 hits 3 2B's 2 HR 8 RBI .246 AVG. stats here

P Brett Tomko Padres
Why provide stats ? As Royals fans they should be burned into the back of your head just tack on an extra 2 IP 1 R 1 H 2 K 2 BB on his only appearance as a Padre. stats here

RP Joe Nelson Marlins
Great to see Joe bounce back after missing all of last year due to injury. In 14 games out of the pen he sports a 1.32 ERA in 13.2 IP and 16/4 K/BB stats here

RP Kyle Snyder AAA Pawtucket (Red Sox)
In 2 games for the Red Sox he sported a 21.60 ERA so right now he's in AAA but with a 6.28 ERA in 8 games 7 starts. stats here

RP Nate Field AAA New Orleans (Mets)
In 32 games Nate has saved 5 pitched 30 innings and is 1-3 only downside a very ugly 7.50 ERA
stats here

C Paul Phillips AAA Charlotte (White Sox)
Is batting .298 through 50 games with 53 hits 0 HR 10 RBI and 13 2B stats here

SS Andres Blanco AAA Iowa (Cubs)
Is batting .293 in 66 games 53 hits 1 HR 19 RBI and 4 SB stats here

C Alberto Castillo (Monterrey Mexican)
.341 AVG in 14 games 10 RBI 15 hits stats here

OF Abraham Nunez ( Laguna Mexican)
Nunez the guy who ounce hit a Grand Slam in the Sonic Slam Inning is batting .308 in 7 games 8 hits and 3 RBI's stats here

SP Elmer Dessens (Mexico City Mexican)
9-2 4.38 ERA in 16 games 15 starts 86 IP stats here

RP Denny Bautista Pirates
0-1 3.20 ERA 17 games 19.2 IP 10/14 K/BB with Tigers and Pirates stats here

RP Mike MacDougal AAA Charlotte (White Sox)
In 8 games with Sox was 0-0 with 2.08 ERA but in 19 games in AAA is 0-3 with 5.32 ERA 4 SV in 22 IP as this trade looks better and better even with Lumsden stinking it up stats here

IF Mendy Lopez (Monterrey Mexican)
.336 AVG in 81 games 100 hits 26 2B 1 3B 18 HR 78 RBI and this guy just won't go away
stats here

OF Matt Diaz Braves 15-DL
42 Games 33 hits .250 AVG 2 HR 14 RBI stats here

1B Ken Harvey IL KC T-Bones
unknown sorry don't have a stats link right now

SP Miguel Batista Mariners
is 3-10 6.53 ERA in 20 games 14 starts 71.2 IP stats here

RP Chris Booker AAA Columbus (Nationals)
His short 1 game Royals stint is the stuff of legends so far for AAA Columbus he's 1-3 with 4.94 ERA in 21 games 23 IP and 8 SV's 38/18 K/BB stats here

C Mike DiFelice AAA Durham (Rays)
He's played in 42 AAA games but in 7 MLB games for TB he batted .300 with 6 hits and 4 RBI MLB stats here

RP Steve Andrade AAA Durham (Rays)
Between AA and AAA he is 3-3 with a 5.23 ERA in 23 Games and 32.2 IP find out more here

IF Fernando Cortez AAA Charlotte (White Sox)
.254 AVG 60 games 1 HR 18 RBI stats here

SP Brad Voyles free agent
Started 2 games for Puebla of the Mexican leauge then was cut after going 0-2 with 9.64 ERA stats here

RP Scott Dohmann AAA Durham (Rays)
12 MLB games 10 AAA games stats here

IF Gookie Dawkins AAA Omaha ( US)
He is trying to make it back to KC stats

Note the rest are just links I'm to tierd to do the rest

SP Paul Byrd Indians

RP Ryan Bukvich Orioles

Jamie WalkerRP Jaime Walker Orioles

SP Odalis Perez Nationals

1B/DH Mike Sweeney A's DL15

RP Chad Durbin Phillies

SP Mark Redman AAA Colorado Springs (Rockies)

P Glendon Rusch AAA Colorado Springs (Rockies)

P Jeff Suppan Brewers

RP Tom Gordon Phillies

I found NOTHING on thesse guys so their done or injured or free agents :
OF Adrain Brown
C/P Mike Tonis
P Joe Mays
IF Joe McEwing
OF Terrance Long
OF Aaron Guiel
P Chris DeMaria
P Mike Wood
P Steve Stemle
IF Wilson Valdez
P Darrell May
P Jimmy Serano
P Matt Kinney
P Justin Huisman
OF Rondell White
OF Micheal Tucker
OF Eli Marrero
OF Kelly Robinson
P Jaime Cerda
OF Byron Gettis
OF Dee Brown
C Kelly Stinnett

If you think of anyone else let me know. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Royals on the internet

Every once in a while, I may use this forum to go off on a rant. I won't curse, be offensive or anything like that, but I'm going to speak my mind.

I am tired of the average "fan" of the Royals on the internet. Do you know why? Because a real fan of this team are so far and few between on the internet it isn't even funny. Now, don't get me wrong, there are PLENTY of internet tough guy smartass's on here, but fans are far and few between.

We'll start with the 2 message boards I frequent the most. Royal Board and Royals Nation. I found them both a year or so ago, and like them both, but my patience is wearing thin with Royal Board. Royals Nation on the other hand has some of the nicest people with generally positive things to say about my hometown hereos. The only problem is, its like a wasteland sometimes. There just aren't enough people posting on there to make it a "must read" daily. If I could only combine what I like about the 2 boards into one, and scrap what I hate, I'd be in dreamland.

Now, you may ask why is my patience running thin with Royal Board. Here's why. It shouldn't even be called Royal Board. It should be called ARGUMENT BOARD (that just so happens to be about the KC Royals). There are 2 or 3 people that post there that run the damn board. No one can be correct about anything but them. And the funny thing is, sometimes I feel like they may really truely agree with you, but they argue with you just to piss you off.

I really hope someday they realize that you're a turd if all you do is complain all day about how bad the Royals suck. That's like making fun of a retarded kid. Its just too easy of a target.

But it probably all goes back to how they were treated growing up. I call these fellas "internet tough guys". They're absolute pussies in real life, but on the internet they are straight up BADASSES. But on Royal Board they're the board badasses in a different way. They are smart, they know their stats, history, and that, and they will pull that crap out in a heartbeat. JUST to show you how you're wrong in almost every statement you make. It must make them feel good to be the KINGS of a worthless ass message board. The funny thing is, most of the ITG's on that board, couldn't lift my jockstrap in the real world. And the real funny thing, they rag on Ross Gload, Tony Pena, and Joey Gathright all the damn time, but I bet they'de cum in there pants if one of those guys ever said as little as "hi" to them on the street.

Now there are a few, "good guy" posters on RoyalBoard. They put up with the 2 or 3 ITG's crap day in and day out. They post their thoughts KNOWING the stathead badasses are going to shit on them for eveything they say. I don't know how they do it.

You know what really gets me. The head guy of that board, EOT, lets these assholes run wild because of what they "bring to the board". That's an easy way of saying since they never mutter an actual curse word, they can be-little every other poster with absolutely no re-course. But if they piss a guy off and he lets them have it, he gets a mandatory vacation for a week to a year depending on the head guy's mood.

Either way, I'm done with the shenanigans. I'll continue to go there. I'll continue to get told how STUPID I am because I enjoy watching Ross Gload, Joey Gathright, Jimmy Gobble play. Not Tony Pena Jr, though, even I hate that guy. I'll continue to be labled a dummy because I have no earthly idea what a WARP is or a WHIP or a OPS+ or any of that nonsense. And do you know why, because I simply love the Royals enough to. That's why.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Assessment: The Idaho Falls Chukars Hitters

The Idaho Falls Chukars reside in the Northern Division of the Pioneer League, a short-season rookie league founded in 1939. The Pioneer League primarily comprises of college and advanced high school draft picks. Eight teams total exist in this league; four in each division. The league is universally considered an 'advanced' rookie league, for older or more advanced draft picks. The Chukars have been affiliated with five different Major League Baseball franchises, and have been the Royals' rookie affiliate since 2004.

Below is a gander at some hitters who will begin the 2008 season with our Idaho rookie affiliate. I will provide basic profile information (examples include age, height, weight, and date of birth), a brief background and scouting report on each individual player.




Joe Billick, R/R, 6'2", 230, 5/30/85 (23)

Selected by the Royals in the 19th round of the 2007 amateur entry draft. Drafted as a college junior from University of Georgia.

2007 statistics:
.186/.319/.237/.556, 0 HR, 11 RBI, 97 AB, 14 BB, 27 K (Idaho Falls [R])
2008 outlook:
- Billick is strictly backup catcher material in Idaho Falls. At age 23, he remains one of the oldest members of the team, and two high school draftee catchers
- Juan Graterol and Sean McCauley remain above Billick on the organizational depth chart.
Disappointing professional debut, projected backup

Juan Graterol, R/R, 6'1", 170, 2/14/89 (19)

Signed by the Royals as a non-drafted free agent on 9/6/05.
2007 statistics:
.225/.292/.235/.527, 0 HR, 10 RBI, 102 AB, 9 BB, 17 K (Burlington Royals [R])
2008 outlook:
Thus far, Sean McCauley's backup. Still very young, so he's the frontline candidate if McCauley gets promoted to full-season ball, which is still probably unlikely.

Sean McCauley, R/R, 6'2", 170, 5/13/89 (19)

Selected by the Royals in the 12th round of the 2007 amateur entry draft.
2007 statistics:
.286/.375/.476/.851, 2 HR, 13 RBI, 84 AB, 10 BB, 19 K (AZL Royals [R])
- Sore shoulder, out of action until May ..... MRI revealed no damage...rehabbed in back in Idaho Falls
- Possibility of heading to full-season league was slim, anyway (c/o The Royal Tower)
- Skinny catcher from Manassas, VA...played in AZL last season....scouts told him he'd be signed sooner, but Royals offered him sixth-round signing bonus.
- Hit well in debut, but only in 84 AB's
- Needs to increase weight to stay behind dish

John Alfaro, R/R, 5'9", 170, 4/28/88 (20)

- Most outstanding player at the JuCo World Series last year, led Grayson to national title (hit .476 in postseason) (The Pipeline)

Alberto ("Tito") Espinosa, R/R, 5'11", 210, 9/15/86 (21)

Selected by the Twins in the 33rd round of the 2006 amateur entry draft.
2008 outlook:
Doesn't really project. Not enough pop in bat.
- Comes from Broward JuCo in Florida, former catcher
- Passed on Twins in 2006, will see how he adjusts

Fernando Garcia, S/R, 6'0", 160, 7/28/88 (19)

Selected by the Royals in the 28th round of the 2007 amateur entry draft (also selected in 2006, but unsigned)
2007 statistics:
.088/.295/.088/.383, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 3-for-34, 15 G, 7 BB, 8 K (Idaho Falls [R])
2008 outlook:
Won't hit for much power, showed some speed on the bases in college / Projected full-time second baseman

Antonio Jimenez, S/R, 6'2, 157, 4/20/87 (21)

Signed by the Royals as a nondrafted free agent, 5/18/05.
2007 statistics:
.184/.255/.213/.468, 0 HR, 10 RBI, 136 AB, 11 BB, 45 K, 4 SB/3 CS (Burlington [A])
2008 outlook:
Not enough power for a first baseman. Too lanky.

Yeldrys Molina, R/R, 5'9", 150, 1/8/89 (19)

Signed by the Royals as a nondrafted free agent, 7/2/05.
2007 statistics:
.209/.242/.281/.523, 1 HR, 10 RBI, 153 AB, 6 BB, 32 K, 2 SB/1 CS (Burlington [R])
2008 outlook:
At shortstop, could provide excellent double-play duo with Perez or Fernando Garcia.

Alwin Perez, L/R, 6'0", 150, 4/4/87 (21)

Signed by the Royals as a nondrafted free agent, 9/3/03.
2007 statistics:
.282/.349/.413/.762, 6 HR, 34 RBI, 206 AB, 19 BB, 40 K, 7 SB/6 CS (Burlington [R])
2008 statistics:
.207/.257/.287/.544, 1 HR, 12 RBI, 174 AB, 12 BB, 43 K, 9 SB/4 CS (Burlington [A])
2008 outlook:
All-defense/little offense player thus far.

Devery Van De Keere, L/R, 6'2", 210, 1/29/85 (23)

Selected by the Royals in the 48th round of the 2007 amateur entry draft
2007 statistics:
.284/.369/.388/.757, 3 HR, 30 RBI, 268 AB, 34 BB, 47 K, 5 SB/2 CS (Idaho Falls [R])
2008 outlook:
College senior draft pick doesn't really project as a corner infielder.
Signed quickly last season and opened year at Idaho Falls. Played with Mark Teahen's father on Canada's national team (bloodline) - game projects similar to Teahen

Nick Francis, R/R, 6'3", 195, 3/5/86 (22)

Selected by the Royals in the 15th round of the 2006 amateur entry draft, drafted as a college sophomore from Florida State University, also attended Pensacola Junior College
2007 statistics:
.303/.366/.426/.792, 1 HR, 27 RBI, 155 AB, 15 BB, 41 K, 3 SB/2 CS (AZL [R])
2008 outlook:
Good contact hitter/corner outfielder.

Shawn Griffin, S/R, 6'3", 200, 8/9/86 (21)

Selected by the Royals in the 20th round of the 2008 amateur entry draft, drafted as college junior from University of Tennessee
2007 statistics:
.268/.314/.470/.784, 6 HR, 32 RBI, 168 AB, 12 BB, 43 K, 53 G (Southeastern Conference Eastern Division [NCAA])
2008 outlook:
Contact leaves a bit to be desired, but that and power will develop further with age.
Comes from Univ. of Tennessee...hit .314 this season with 12 HR and slugged .586 in 52 games

Patrick Norris, S/R, 6'2", 190, 3/17/86 (22)

Selected by the Royals in the 16th round of the 2007 amateur entry drafted, also previously drafted by San Diego (2005).
2007 statistics:
.285/.385/.326/.711, 0 HR, 11 RBI, 239 AB, 39 BB, 61 K, 30 SB/5 CS (Split between Burlington [R] and Idaho Falls [R]), 1-for-11 at Idaho Falls, 67-for-228 at Burlington, NC.
2008 outlook:
Speedy center fielder.
Speedy outfielder from University of Oklahoma City, boasted speed in pro debut / Slap and go-type hitter, range galore in the outfield

Neder Severino, R/R, 6'2", 205, 2/9/88 (20)

Signed by the Royals as a nondrafted free agent, 3/15/06.
2007 statistics:
.237/.289/.344/.633, 3 HR, 17 RBI, 186 AB, 12 BB, 42 K, 4 SB/4 CS (Burlington [R])
2008 outlook:
Likely 4th outfielder or reserve.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Former Royals througout part one

Due to it's length only a few players June 25 2008. Part 1 started out as article on Graffanino but this is what it's grown into. I'm out of time and there is a chance I could lose power so here's part one of Royals throughout baseball.
( I know it's not as good RoyalsNation's but hey it's a start)

IF Tony Graffanino milb Indians
The Tribe yesterday inked former Royal Tony Graffinino to a milb contract he will begin working out with AAA Buffalo. He will be trying to come back from surgeries to repair a torn meniscus, and a torn ACL. A return-to-play date is yet to be announced.

RP Scott Elarton INDIANS
After being released by the Royals July of last year "Scottie" signed a milb deal with the Indians to try and salvage his career. It seems to be paying of so far, as he is back in the Majors.
0-1 3.68 ERA in 7 G's 14 IP 13 K's 9 BB's all in relief

C Sal Fasano INDIANS
Since being acquired from the Braves AAA team ole Sal with his awesome stach is back in the bigs proving ounce again that backup catchers play on forever even when they've seemingly lost it. 1 G 3 AB 2 K's the rest zeros

SP Bobby Keppel AAA Albuquerque (Marlins)
Bobby has started in 14 games and sports a 7-6 record with a high 4.97 ERA in 83 and a third innings. He's struck out 48 and walked 31. And continues to prove that his 1 couple of starts for the Royals were a fluke.

OF Emil Brown A's
Emil is getting plenty of playing time with his new team and at last check is yet to try and put anyone's eye out yet. Susan Slusser you may want to keep an eye out though.
Through 66 games Emil has 240 AB's 31 R's 59 hits 9 2B's 2 3B's 6 Homers and 42 RBI with 3 SB and a .246 AVG.

IF Donnie Murphy A's
Ol Doonie Rex Murphy has played in 28 games with the A's while batting .194 in 62 AB's while scoring 7 Runs nabbing a 2B, 2 Homers 6 RBI and 2 SB's.

DH Matt Stairs Blue Jays
Man I'm still pretty upset that DM traded Matty for a bust pitcher now pitching in Japan. Just think if we had Matt at 1B instead of Gload. Any way he continues to slug batting .258 with 8 HR's 28 RBI 29 Runs 50 hits 7 2B's and a SB.

RP Shawn Camp Blue Jays
Seems like yesterday Camp busted out of nowhere into the Royals pen after a solid ST. Now he's pitching for Cito. Through 24 games he's 1-1 with a nice 3.80 ERA in 23 IP and a sparkling 18/4
K/BB ratio.

SP Billy Buckner AAA Tucson (D-Backs)
After being traded to the D-Backs for Alberto Callaspo he's posted a 4-7 record with a 4.98 ERA in 16 AAA starts and 90 IP. He's also pitched for the D-Backs this year in 2 games, going 1-0 with 6.75 ERA in 2.2 IP.

2B Ruben Gotay Braves
Through 48 games he has 53 AB's 12 Hits and 4 runs scored. 1 HR 4 RBI and a SB. He is still 26 years old.

SP Brian Lawrence AAA Richmond (Braves)
Technicly not a Royal Brian was with KC in Spring Training where he was cut by the Royals.
He then signed a milb contract with the Braves and in 3 starts is 0-1 with a 8.22 ERA in 15.1 IP.
Not looking to good.

RP David Riske Brewers
The best reliever of 1 year ago for the Royals. It hasn't been all roses though for Riske with his new team. His stats 0-1 5.32 ERA 20 G 22 IP 1 SV 15/11 K/BB

SP Todd Wellemeyer Cardinals
Todd has found it, after totally stinking with KC he was claimed off waviers last year and has really turned things around with the magic of Dave Duncan. He now has a 7-2 record 3.67 ERA in 14 GS and 83 IP this year. To go along with a 65/28 K/BB.

C Jason LaRue Cardinals
Another case of stink with Royals not with Cardinals as he is batting .228 and is only 7 hits away from tying last years mark. He also has 2 HR's and 7 RBI

SP Runelvys Hernandez AAA Round Rock (Astros)
Chunk daddy has posted a 6-3 record with 3.72 ERA in 15 GS plus 1 CG raking in 84 IP and sporting a 63/23 K/BB. As he trys to make it back to the show.

SS Angel Berroa Dodgers
Angel after being acquired by the Dodgers has been a constant in the Dodgers lineup as he will try to regain his 03 form. So far in 14 Games: .200 AVG 9 hits 1 2B 4 Runs

LF Raul Ibanez Mariners
Rauuulll Ibanez !!! Probally the most painful free agent to leave. A great hitter still batting .280
with 9 dingers and 47 RBI, 33 runs and 83 hits. If the Mariners have a fire sell maybe the Royals can bring him back cheap ? ( Hey dream a little)

RP Miguel Asencio AAA Pawtucket (Red Sox)
Spent the year between AA Portland (18 games) and AAA Pawtucket (5 games). And supports a high ERA in both a 6.44 AA and, 5.00 AAA. No going to help make the Big leauge club.

OF Chip Ambres AAA Portland (Padres)
Chip who came to the Royals from the Red Sox organazation in the Graffinino trade along with P Juan Cedeno. Chip played with the Mets some last year and is trying hard to slug his way to San Diego batting .295 with 16 HR 57 RBI 81 Hits in only 74 Games. You've got to like his chances with the paltry Padres offense right now.

CF Carlos Beltran Mets
What more can you say about Bora$$'e$ man other then .278 AVG 11 HR 51 RBI 11 SB 79 Hits 54 Runs 20 2B's 3 3B's. Just think if the Royals outfield was Ibanez,Beltran,Guillen o how Royals fans can dream.

OF Endy Chavez Mets
Another Royal in the Met's OF Endy is batting .234 has 4 SB 1 HR 6RBI + 34 Hits

SP Adam Bernero AAA Indianapolis (Pirates)
My most fond memoery of Adam was a game where he just pitched a gem and the Burgos blew the save good times. For AAA Indi 4 GS 3.24 ERA 16 IP no desicons

RP Jonah Bayliss AAA Syracuse ( Blue Jays)
Ole Jonah, wasn't he traded to the Pirates along with Blackwell for Redman ?
Anyway he's pitched a combined 58 games for AAA Indianapolis and Syracuse along with a combined 6 SV's 69 IP 52 K's and 0-6 record.

RP Rudy Seanez Philles
I remember when the Royals brought up Rudy me and my brother called him stinky Seanez (because sucky Seanez wasn't allowed) he total stank yet the Royals still found a way to get him off the team through a trade. His numbers this year for the Phils: 22 games 3-3 2.19 ERA in 24 IP

1B Doug Mientkiewicz Pirates
I bet you thought "Dougie the original gritty player" was out of baseball. NOPE. He's still bringing his great glove and toughness to the Pirates. His #'s .256 AVG in 58 games + 129 AB's 33 H's 7 2B's 1 HR 12 RBI

3B Jose Bautista Pirates
The original "ears" for the Royals before Tony Pena Jr. The Roayals got him from TB for cash and then later traded him a three way deal that sent Kris Benson to the Mets Justin Huber to KC and Bautista and Ty Wiggington to the rats'. Jose's batting .265 with 9 HR's 35 RBI 58 hits 30 runs an a dozen doubles in 70 games this year.

RP J.P. Howell Rays
Running out of time so: 28 G no starts 6-0 2.90 ERA 1 SV in 2 Opp 49.2 IP 45 SO

RP Jamey Wright Rangers
4-3 3.89 ERA 38 Games 41 IP 0 SV in 3 Opp 29 K 18 BB

C Paul Bako Reds
.226 AVG 56 Games 40 hits 5 2B's 2 3B's 22 Runs scored 21 RBI and a sudden power surge with 6 HR's That's natral huh ?

SS Jeff Keppinger Reds
41 Games 49 hits 17 runs 3 HR 21 RBI and a sweet .318 AVG

RP Jeremy Affeldt Reds
Through 40 games 1-0 with 4.50 ERA and 38 IP 39/16 K/BB

Monday, June 23, 2008

MLB wants faster games

MLB Wants Faster Games

So Major League Baseball wants faster games ey ?
They have fined Cecil Cooper and Ron Gardenhire because there teams were to slow.
They've warned Royal's CF David DeJesus and among others.

But what haven't they done ? Apparently school the umpire's of this new rule .
Nope not the one where balls are called if a pitcher takes to long, or a strike is called if the batter is to slow. We know that they know, because Bill Welke warned DeJesus in yesterday's game and they've been called before (see links above).

Nope what I'm talking about is the infamous strike zone.
A taboo not allowed to be spoken about, O yes IT IS sacred.

But IF you want a faster game (is that really what they want?) widen the dang strike zone !!

Why bring this up ( pretend like you didn't watch the KC-SF game please) ?
Well because when you don't have at least a fair strike zone, the results are devastating.

Isn't that right Bill Welke.
Tim Lincecum vs Kyle Davies
And what should have been a fast low scoring pitchers duel, but that will never ever happen with a tiny strike zone. So instead of a 2 hour 47 minute game ending 3-2 you get:

  • 30 combined hits
  • 4 combined errors (should have been 5 on the missed ball in the sun by Fulchino)
  • 13 combined walks
  • 4 wild pitches
  • 21 combined runs
  • 7 combined doubles
  • 41 combined Left on Base !!!
  • 11 combined pitchers
  • 1ejection of a Giants pitcher would could take no more *!@#$%^ from Welke
And after 4 lovely hours of baseball (well 3:59 to be exact)
We have a winner

If you think this is made up "here" see for yourself
I'm not the only one upset I bet you the other 3 umpires were mad to, and the players out there in the baggy uniforms (salute to the Negro Leagues day) !

I guarantee Buck O'Neil Wouldn't have been pleased with this game (other then the guts the Monarchs displayed to rally back and win)

Of course MLB will never do anything other then call balls and strikes on the slackers, it's just a nice idea that up in MLB executive land is working just fine !
And besides now there busy with this problem.

But they are more then willing to tear down the "sacredness" of no replays ! But leave the less sacred strike zone .

"Hats of to you MLB for all your wonderful ideas" (on how to destroy the game)

Ray W writes for RoyalsonRadioetc and is not yet a writer for MLBTR or anyone important

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Can The Royals Sustain A Long W Streak?

The way this team profiles out, that is the question that runs through my mind.

The five gamer was WAY great to see. How did we do it? For starters… our starters provided us with 7 strong innings, each (Gilgameche “pitched in” and extra out in the eighth). That set-up the back end of our bullpen; which has been solid all year. Backing up all this pitching was pretty solid defense (3 errors, but MANY highlight reel plays at key moments of the game). Pitching and defense, that’s the best formula for building a team that is going to win more games than they loose. In recent years, I think of the way the Twins have won without Yankee / Red Sox type of bankrolls.

But a team also needs to score (see game 1 of the AZ series).

So, we also hammered out eight Home Runs in that stretch. The fact that we got those HR’s from people other than Guillen was great to see (Buck, Gordon, & Teahen had 1 each – Aviles had 2 & DeJesus hit 3). Again, the surprising power from people that isn’t expected to pound HR’s is a bonus!

I WAS going to write about how great it is to get that power from batters other than our hired gun… but… the problem is… The Kansas City Royals doesn’t profile out to be a power hitting team. Basic, fundamental hitting is needed. And that is NOT something that I saw during the five gamer. I’m going to pick on Mark Grudzielanek (don’t tell my wife). His .300+ average is great from our second baseman… expected to provide veteran leadership. But time and again, with a man on second base & no outs, he tries to be the hero and drive the guy in, so everybody will slap him on the back… BUT… he ends up making an out WITHOUT advancing to runner. The next batter flies out or grounds out up the middle. NOW, the pitcher only has to get the next batter to get out of the inning. I know it’s only one run. I know it’s small-ball. I also know that, “It’s better to score, than to NOT score.” This team needs to scratch out every run they can, and NOT depend on the long ball. When the HR’s come, that’s just added cushion.

Fundamental Baseball sounds so simple, but for some reason, we haven’t seen much that in KC for a long time.

How to win

Ok so here we are, How to win.
Now let me just say something first, is it just me or does the San Fran lineup look really weak ?
I mean for most MLB teams of course (excludes Royals 04-06 lineups). C'mon they have Benji Molina in the cleanup spot for Pickering's sake (much better then Pete's) !
So when the 9 hole hitter walks twice and scores both times, How many games will we win ?
Very,Very,Very, very,very few.
And the most disappointing aspect of the game was, that we handed Hoch a 4-0 lead, and he looked, dominant just dominant through innings 1 and 2. Now don't blame Luke they weren't blistered balls drivin to the gap but bloops that seemingly dropped just right in front of our fielders, and rolled.
On top of that Yabuta has regressed just when you thought he'd found it, and he'd won his 1st game. Now he's lost 3 straight decisions .

shame shame shame

On the Bright side
Optimism rules a gloomy day doesn't it ?
Jimmy Gobble continued to suck and last night's 9th inning from Jimmy reminded me off Brett Tomko's last. Yes it might be somewhat sad to see Jimmy the longest tenured Royal go but, he's got to. There is plenty of relievers better then him out there. Hey the A's just DFA'd this guy ! So yeah that's a bright spot I guess when your team is out of the game I'm sure a lot of Royals fans wanted Tomko hit hard, Elarton hit hard and now Jimmy. Nothing against them but they have got to go if roughed up enough maybe the GM will notice.
Guillen added 2 more RBI's and is in hot pursuit of Emil Browns team leading 62 from last year.
FYI Brown's 37 this year would be second on the team behind Jose

So maybe this isn't my best article and I could get fired but when I post on here the Royals are 1-0. When I don't 0-1. You do the math.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I have a confession to make. I caused the Royals to lose tonight. Now, that may seem like a hard thing to do considering I'm in California and they were playing in KC. But really, it's not.

You see, I watched the game last Friday on TV. The whole thing. Needless to say, They brought Yabuta in with the scored tied 0-0 in the tenth and he blew it. I got busy last weekend and didn't watch the last 2 games against the d-backs, both of which the Royals won. Well, I worked all week, and didn't get to see any of the Cardinals series, which, oh by the way, the Royals swept.

So today, as I'm driving home from work, I say to myself " Sweet, I should be able to catch most of the game tonight!" So when I get home I flip on the TV and its 4-0 Royals, 2 outs, nobody on. As soon as I sit on the couch, they implode. I turned it off when it got to be 8-4, hoping they'de sense I turned off the TV and get a nice come from behind victory. NOPE! Didn't happen. Yep, its my fault. I mean the MINUTE I turn on the TV, they fall apart. I take full responsibilty for tonight's debacle.

Maybe, I shouldn't watch them any more.

Has anyone else noticed Tony Pena Jr. sort of looks like a keibler elf?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello Royal Treatment peoples. My tag, “RLBLUE”, comes from the license plates I got for my new (to me) Royal Blue vehicle… OK… it’s a mini-van, but it’s NOT my fault! Some lady in an SUV ran a red light & totaled my full-sized van… had to get what I could get, besides, the wife is more willing to drive the mini-van than the truck.

I just started posting on a “blog” that I’ve had since April. Mostly, I had been using it to post pics… hoping to use them as Avatars on Royals Nation… alas… I have failed.

But you can read more about me over there (RLBLUE – The Buddha Gut – DOM).
The actual URL is:
(“kcrylz” was another license plate I was considering)

Anyway, I’ll blog specific Royals related stuff here, and more personally related Royals stuff on the other thang.

I’m, not a research or stat guy, just a gut feeling type of fan.

Meet the P-lotty

Greetings and salutations. Some of you may remember me from my previous gig as a weak attempt as the minor league blogger for the Royals at However, extreme time constraints forced me away from that job, as I had too much on my plate to digest. (To Mr. are doing a much better job than what I had time for. Keep it up.)

Anyways, some quick information about myself. My name is Matt, and I live in Bellevue, NE. I currently am married to the wonder of my world, Courtney. We have three dogs, all beagles, and we consider them as our kids. My hobbies include sports (duh), working out, video games (nerd) and breathing everything that is Royals baseball.

I currently am in school, attending Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Utah. WGU is a completely online institution that is accredited by several national organizations, including NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education). I am currently pursuing a Secondary Social Studies degree. Additionally, I hold a Physical Education degree from Peru State College. From that degree I hold down several education positions: as a substitute teacher for several school districts in the Omaha area, and coach MS FB and WR for the middle schools for Bellevue Public Schools. On top of that, I am a tutor at Sylvan Learning Center in Bellevue. Teaching is one of the greatest professions one can be involved in. When a child gets that "Ahhhh" look on its face, realizing it has learned a new skill, it's the most rewarding visual I receive.

My Royal brother hood was born when I hatched from my egg. I even came out wearing powder blue, baby. As I evolved into a Royal super fan without much memorabilia to prove it, I became more interested in just baseball itself as a game. It is mesmerizing that someone is considered great when that someone messes up 7 times out of 10. For you true baseball folk, you know what I mean. For those that don' little snippet means that in order to be considered a great hitter, you need to bat .300. Crazy.

From time to time I'll be checking in with my personal thoughts and feelings on the Royals. And grape soda. Maybe a word or two on my other love, Husker football.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Introducing Dr. Thunder

Hello, Royals Fans. I'm Dr. Thunder (named after everyone's favorite wal*mart rip off Dr. Pepper). I post on royals nation as sfcchase and on Royal Board as DrThunder. I volunteered my services to help with this blog, so I figured I'd better write something before the big man thinks I blew him off.

A little about me. I'll be 30 years old next week, born and raised in Pittsburg, KS ( 20 miles northwest of Joplin). I joined the Army a year after high school and have been all over the world. I'm currently the commander of a 10 man US Army Recruiting Station in San Diego, California. I'm married and I have 4 kids (2 boys, 2 girls). I've loved the Royals since I first saw them on tv when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. I try to get to at least 1 Royals game back in KC every year, and I go to all of the games out in Anaheim when the good guys come to town. I'm usually pretty busy, and because of the time difference I only watch the games on the weekends with MLB extra innings, and I just watch highlights of the weekday games on

I started my own blog a few weeks ago, but only posted 3 things, so I'll be closing it down and only posting on here. I'll probably only post once a week or so, and it will generally be about whatever the flavor of the day is and I'll make sure to always throw in a Tony Pena Jr. joke, its kind of my thing.

So that about wraps it up for me this week, check back next time when my second post gives me 200% more posts than Tony Pena Jr.'s got AL MVP votes.

The New RT

Hello to all it's Ray W of RoyalsonRadioetc blog.
I'll be one of a few more writers to post on the all new Royal Treatment.
(and thee, first to post yeesss)
At first I was skeptical of a lot of writers all on a single blog BUT.
After I signed up the Royals have picked up 2 games from the evil Red-birdz and are looking for that ole sweet Sweep tomorrow !!
So I just wanted to introduce myself to all the RT readers. I'll continue to post my main stuff on RoR but just like Soria I can get you out with my B* stuff to.

* B stuff constitutes non radio related stuff and more in depth thoughts if I have any of course, terms and conditions apply see local dealer for special offers, 38 percent financing or 7.89 percent APR are not available through 1-2-09, writer pricing available you make what we make, a whopping $0.00 oww !