Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to win

Ok so here we are, How to win.
Now let me just say something first, is it just me or does the San Fran lineup look really weak ?
I mean for most MLB teams of course (excludes Royals 04-06 lineups). C'mon they have Benji Molina in the cleanup spot for Pickering's sake (much better then Pete's) !
So when the 9 hole hitter walks twice and scores both times, How many games will we win ?
Very,Very,Very, very,very few.
And the most disappointing aspect of the game was, that we handed Hoch a 4-0 lead, and he looked, dominant just dominant through innings 1 and 2. Now don't blame Luke they weren't blistered balls drivin to the gap but bloops that seemingly dropped just right in front of our fielders, and rolled.
On top of that Yabuta has regressed just when you thought he'd found it, and he'd won his 1st game. Now he's lost 3 straight decisions .

shame shame shame

On the Bright side
Optimism rules a gloomy day doesn't it ?
Jimmy Gobble continued to suck and last night's 9th inning from Jimmy reminded me off Brett Tomko's last. Yes it might be somewhat sad to see Jimmy the longest tenured Royal go but, he's got to. There is plenty of relievers better then him out there. Hey the A's just DFA'd this guy ! So yeah that's a bright spot I guess when your team is out of the game I'm sure a lot of Royals fans wanted Tomko hit hard, Elarton hit hard and now Jimmy. Nothing against them but they have got to go if roughed up enough maybe the GM will notice.
Guillen added 2 more RBI's and is in hot pursuit of Emil Browns team leading 62 from last year.
FYI Brown's 37 this year would be second on the team behind Jose

So maybe this isn't my best article and I could get fired but when I post on here the Royals are 1-0. When I don't 0-1. You do the math.

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