Saturday, June 28, 2008

Royals in Baseball Part 2

RP Dennys Reyes Twins
The Big Sweat 2-0 2.31 ERA 37 Games 23 IP 12/7 K/BB

RP Brian Bass Twins
"F*** the Royals" So the Royal hater finally made the show and here's his stats:
3-2 4.53 ERA in 28 Games 1SV 51.2 IP 23/17 K/BB stats here

RF Jermaine Dye White Sox
Another one of the Royals dreamy Outfielders and he's having a great year:
In 74 games 17 HR 47 RBI .302 AVG 86 Hits 47 Runs stats here

RP Octavio Dotel White Sox
The Royals closer from a year ago is 3-4 3.19 ERA in 37 games 36.2 IP and 0 SV's in 2 chances. But a nice 53/19 K/BB stats here

P D.J. Carrasco Charlotte AAA (White Sox)
Is 0-1 with 3.68 ERA in 4 Games 1 start in 14.2 IP 18/5 K/BB stats here

LF Johnny Damon Yankees
A great picture huh ? Yep another great former Royal OFer. Remembering all of this is depressing. 75 games 93 hits 46 runs 20 2B 3 3B 6 HR 35 RBI 13 SB .322 AVG stats here

C Greg Zaun Blue Jays
50 games 39 hits 7 2B's 5 HR 16 RBI .258 RBI stats here

OF Alexis Gomez AAA Albuquerque (Marlins)
.234 AVG in 23 games 18 hits 4 HR 12 RBI 5 SB the rest here

RP Jorge Vasquez (Monterrey Mexican)
0-0 1.23 ERA in 7 games 4 SV's 0 BS 7 IP 12 K's stats here

RP Chris George AAA Syracuse (Blue Jays)
One of our favorite blown Royal pitching prospect. Has played for both AAA Syracuse and AAA Colorado Springs combined 0-4 5.50 ERA 28 Games 34.1 IP 1 SV 23/19 K/BB stats here

OF Justin Huber ???
I can't find anything on him as being DFA'd or anything he's not on the Friars active roster but he's listed as active. Don't ask me, Anyway in 33 games he has 15 hits 3 2B's 2 HR 8 RBI .246 AVG. stats here

P Brett Tomko Padres
Why provide stats ? As Royals fans they should be burned into the back of your head just tack on an extra 2 IP 1 R 1 H 2 K 2 BB on his only appearance as a Padre. stats here

RP Joe Nelson Marlins
Great to see Joe bounce back after missing all of last year due to injury. In 14 games out of the pen he sports a 1.32 ERA in 13.2 IP and 16/4 K/BB stats here

RP Kyle Snyder AAA Pawtucket (Red Sox)
In 2 games for the Red Sox he sported a 21.60 ERA so right now he's in AAA but with a 6.28 ERA in 8 games 7 starts. stats here

RP Nate Field AAA New Orleans (Mets)
In 32 games Nate has saved 5 pitched 30 innings and is 1-3 only downside a very ugly 7.50 ERA
stats here

C Paul Phillips AAA Charlotte (White Sox)
Is batting .298 through 50 games with 53 hits 0 HR 10 RBI and 13 2B stats here

SS Andres Blanco AAA Iowa (Cubs)
Is batting .293 in 66 games 53 hits 1 HR 19 RBI and 4 SB stats here

C Alberto Castillo (Monterrey Mexican)
.341 AVG in 14 games 10 RBI 15 hits stats here

OF Abraham Nunez ( Laguna Mexican)
Nunez the guy who ounce hit a Grand Slam in the Sonic Slam Inning is batting .308 in 7 games 8 hits and 3 RBI's stats here

SP Elmer Dessens (Mexico City Mexican)
9-2 4.38 ERA in 16 games 15 starts 86 IP stats here

RP Denny Bautista Pirates
0-1 3.20 ERA 17 games 19.2 IP 10/14 K/BB with Tigers and Pirates stats here

RP Mike MacDougal AAA Charlotte (White Sox)
In 8 games with Sox was 0-0 with 2.08 ERA but in 19 games in AAA is 0-3 with 5.32 ERA 4 SV in 22 IP as this trade looks better and better even with Lumsden stinking it up stats here

IF Mendy Lopez (Monterrey Mexican)
.336 AVG in 81 games 100 hits 26 2B 1 3B 18 HR 78 RBI and this guy just won't go away
stats here

OF Matt Diaz Braves 15-DL
42 Games 33 hits .250 AVG 2 HR 14 RBI stats here

1B Ken Harvey IL KC T-Bones
unknown sorry don't have a stats link right now

SP Miguel Batista Mariners
is 3-10 6.53 ERA in 20 games 14 starts 71.2 IP stats here

RP Chris Booker AAA Columbus (Nationals)
His short 1 game Royals stint is the stuff of legends so far for AAA Columbus he's 1-3 with 4.94 ERA in 21 games 23 IP and 8 SV's 38/18 K/BB stats here

C Mike DiFelice AAA Durham (Rays)
He's played in 42 AAA games but in 7 MLB games for TB he batted .300 with 6 hits and 4 RBI MLB stats here

RP Steve Andrade AAA Durham (Rays)
Between AA and AAA he is 3-3 with a 5.23 ERA in 23 Games and 32.2 IP find out more here

IF Fernando Cortez AAA Charlotte (White Sox)
.254 AVG 60 games 1 HR 18 RBI stats here

SP Brad Voyles free agent
Started 2 games for Puebla of the Mexican leauge then was cut after going 0-2 with 9.64 ERA stats here

RP Scott Dohmann AAA Durham (Rays)
12 MLB games 10 AAA games stats here

IF Gookie Dawkins AAA Omaha ( US)
He is trying to make it back to KC stats

Note the rest are just links I'm to tierd to do the rest

SP Paul Byrd Indians

RP Ryan Bukvich Orioles

Jamie WalkerRP Jaime Walker Orioles

SP Odalis Perez Nationals

1B/DH Mike Sweeney A's DL15

RP Chad Durbin Phillies

SP Mark Redman AAA Colorado Springs (Rockies)

P Glendon Rusch AAA Colorado Springs (Rockies)

P Jeff Suppan Brewers

RP Tom Gordon Phillies

I found NOTHING on thesse guys so their done or injured or free agents :
OF Adrain Brown
C/P Mike Tonis
P Joe Mays
IF Joe McEwing
OF Terrance Long
OF Aaron Guiel
P Chris DeMaria
P Mike Wood
P Steve Stemle
IF Wilson Valdez
P Darrell May
P Jimmy Serano
P Matt Kinney
P Justin Huisman
OF Rondell White
OF Micheal Tucker
OF Eli Marrero
OF Kelly Robinson
P Jaime Cerda
OF Byron Gettis
OF Dee Brown
C Kelly Stinnett

If you think of anyone else let me know. Hope you enjoy.

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