Monday, June 23, 2008

MLB wants faster games

MLB Wants Faster Games

So Major League Baseball wants faster games ey ?
They have fined Cecil Cooper and Ron Gardenhire because there teams were to slow.
They've warned Royal's CF David DeJesus and among others.

But what haven't they done ? Apparently school the umpire's of this new rule .
Nope not the one where balls are called if a pitcher takes to long, or a strike is called if the batter is to slow. We know that they know, because Bill Welke warned DeJesus in yesterday's game and they've been called before (see links above).

Nope what I'm talking about is the infamous strike zone.
A taboo not allowed to be spoken about, O yes IT IS sacred.

But IF you want a faster game (is that really what they want?) widen the dang strike zone !!

Why bring this up ( pretend like you didn't watch the KC-SF game please) ?
Well because when you don't have at least a fair strike zone, the results are devastating.

Isn't that right Bill Welke.
Tim Lincecum vs Kyle Davies
And what should have been a fast low scoring pitchers duel, but that will never ever happen with a tiny strike zone. So instead of a 2 hour 47 minute game ending 3-2 you get:

  • 30 combined hits
  • 4 combined errors (should have been 5 on the missed ball in the sun by Fulchino)
  • 13 combined walks
  • 4 wild pitches
  • 21 combined runs
  • 7 combined doubles
  • 41 combined Left on Base !!!
  • 11 combined pitchers
  • 1ejection of a Giants pitcher would could take no more *!@#$%^ from Welke
And after 4 lovely hours of baseball (well 3:59 to be exact)
We have a winner

If you think this is made up "here" see for yourself
I'm not the only one upset I bet you the other 3 umpires were mad to, and the players out there in the baggy uniforms (salute to the Negro Leagues day) !

I guarantee Buck O'Neil Wouldn't have been pleased with this game (other then the guts the Monarchs displayed to rally back and win)

Of course MLB will never do anything other then call balls and strikes on the slackers, it's just a nice idea that up in MLB executive land is working just fine !
And besides now there busy with this problem.

But they are more then willing to tear down the "sacredness" of no replays ! But leave the less sacred strike zone .

"Hats of to you MLB for all your wonderful ideas" (on how to destroy the game)

Ray W writes for RoyalsonRadioetc and is not yet a writer for MLBTR or anyone important

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