Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who’s On First?

Billy ButlerRyan ShealyKila Ka’aihue are the candidates we have for the job (assuming Ross Gload will be used in the role he’s best fit for… off the bench fodder). This last month, we REALLY need to figure out who we’ll have on our team in 2009, and who is trade bait. Billy surely will land the biggest fish, but man, I’d hate for that to happen. Kila probably isn’t going anywhere (or should I say HOPEFULLY isn’t going anywhere).

However it plays out, we need all three of these guys to have a huge month of September.

For one, that would force us to see if ONE of them can play in leftfield (Cam it be worse than what we’ve seen from Jose Guillen?).

The other part is making one of these guys VALUABLE in the trade market. Dayton Moore has stated that there will be big changes this off-season. A solid rest of the year from these men would give our GM some leverage.

Besides, I plan on being out at The K a few more times this season, so I’d like to see something better than we saw in August. Billy & Ryan started things off well with their Home Runs on Tuesday!