Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TRT vs. RN

I've decided to officially close Royals Nation. I extend admiration for all loyal RN posters, but I felt the website was becoming a daunting task, as the level of commitment I put into the site didn't result in much output. Translation: I wasn't yielding many benefits from the website, as participation was too sparse. I appreciate the active posters, though. There are other message boards throughout Royalsnet that can provide the fan with greater wealths of information. From here forth, I will focus exclusively on this blog, The Royal Treatment. I've also been told I will contribute actively over at the 610 Sports' forthcoming Royals-oriented baseball site. Be sure to peruse that website, once it becomes available....for the 2009 Royals season.

I'm looking forward to communicate to the fans in (hopefully) a more consistent manner. I'm brainstorming several features that I hope this site will bring. Note that the site may not provide all of these avenues. Rather, this is open brainstorming on my part.

- Game results, summaries, and general game-oriented thoughts. This feature is a bit generic, but sometimes final conclusions can be drawn on individual games. (For example, 'x' should no longer be our starting pitcher after 'y' game).

- Open discussions and contests. (Should Alberto Callaspo or Willie Bloomquist be the starting second baseman?)

- Reactions/responses to recent newspaper stories. (This is rather self explanatory. Reactions to particular team acquisitions may surface).

- Dwelling into individual players, statistically (What is Ross Gload's xBABIP?)

- Positional battles. (1B, 2B, SS....)

- Division previews & general baseball chatter. (The A-Rod saga!)

- Occasional off-topic discussion (Politics, music)

- Minor League analysis (scouting reports and updates on the farm)

- Firsthand accounts of games/practices (Spring Training 2009)

As always, TRT will maintain an open and friendly outlook on basic and advanced statistics in baseball. Some advanced statistics that will be readily embraced (among others) are:

EqA (equivalent average), FIP (fielding independent ERA), OPS+ (On-base + Slugging percentage adjusted), WAR (wins above replacement player), VORP (value over replacement player), tRA (ERA adjusted), and wOBA (weighted on-base + slugging percentage).

However, I will implement these statistics in lamen's terms, and I will also provide tools-oriented and scouting-based analysis that is more understandable to casual fans and fans who don't devote much of their time to statistical research or analysis.

Fellow contributors Skills, dejesus9, RLBlue, gordon3b, plotty, and Blown Save are also invited to continue posting on this website in any matter they see comfortable. Their manner may not exactly mirror my manner, although I'm probably doing most of the posting, from here forth.

An updated blogroll has been placed on the right hand of your screen, and the general layout for the blog has been updated, so more information can be readily accessible toward the top of the page. In other words, the information has been spread out, so more is available on 'x' page.

I'm looking forward to a bright TRT future! Hope you enjoy!

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