Friday, March 13, 2009

News & Notes

Below is a gander at what is on the TRT news front for the coming days and weeks.

- I hope to get an official, permanent 'The Royal Treatment' logo for the website, soon. If anyone has photoshop experience, it would be greatly appreciated. Much like the New York Yankees, I'm having to seek outside sources for my organizational talent. Again, you'll be credited on this site, as I'll generally bow before you in gratitude.

- My Spring Training trip lasts until Sunday, so I'll churn out daily updates through Saturday's game (3/14).

- As I mentioned earlier, I decided to depart Royals Nation, as I felt it was becoming too high-maintenance on my part, and I wanted to devote more time to discussing the Royals in great detail. I wasn't reaping enough benefits for the time devoted to the site. That's certainly not an indictment against the many loyal readers and posters who devoted much of their time to the site. Hopefully, we can make the transition of power - if there is one - as smooth as possible.

- If you have any suggestions for the website, e-mail me (e-mail is in my profile).

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