Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poll Results - Zack Greinke Reigns Supreme

The first weekly TRT Poll revealed a fairly self-explanatory result. The Zack Greinke contract^TM extension was clearly the highlight of the offseason. The hiring of ex-Philadelphia Phillies executive Mike Arbuckle - who has worked with the organization since 1992 and is credited as an instrumental force in the Phightin' Phils' recent World Series championship - finished a rather distant second. Arbuckle serves now as Senior Advisor to the General Manager and Head of Scouting and Player Development. 'Other' (whatever that means) and Moore's numerous Minor League depth acquisitions pull up the rear.

Because the implications of the question were so subjective, we likely won't know the true 'answer' until many years from now, unless others eliminate themselves by default. (In essence, if Greinke suffers a career-ending injury, none of Moore's Minor League moves this offseason pan out, and 'Other', catch my drift. By the way, will the voter for 'Other' care to explain his or her casting?)

As a celebratory gesture, let's unravel Greinke's contract, per Cot's Baseball Contracts (linked above).

Zack Greinke rhp
4 years/$38M (2009-12)

2009: $3.75MM
2010: $7.25MM
2011: $13.5MM
2012: $13.5MM
[signed extension with Kansas City 1/26/09 (avoided arbitration, $4.4M-$3.4M)]
[Limited no-trade protection in 2009, 2010]

Kansas City celebrated the move. Virtually every blog reported. The message boards went berzerk. Thank you, David Glass.

Gordon? Butler? You're next.

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