Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Training Trip: Day Two (3/10) - Non-Baseball

A fair warning to the TRT faithful: Tuesday, March 10 marked a day entirely devoid of any baseball activity, whatsoever. It was indeed a day in which Dayton Moore's Royals were forced - or locked out? - of camp, and therefore no baseball activity ensued on my (lowly) end of the spectrum.

However, I did several other fun activities throughout the day. The morning was spent beginning a writing assignment for one of my classes (fun!) and the afternoon was spent driving to Tombstone, Arizona, home of plenty of Old West cinemas from the 1950s and 1960s (thanks, Uncle Mike!) and home of the prestigious Bird Cage Theater.

Now, paranormal buffs such as myself know about the SciFi television program Ghost Hunters. It just so happens that the season premiere of Ghost Hunters ensues Wednesday evening at 9/8 pm. central. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS, for short) visited Tombstone over two years ago and discovered plenty of activity at the small Bird Cage Theater - everything from phantom smells to noises coming from the ceiling to full-bodied apparitions. Watch the episode here.

Either way, I've provided some photographs below. I experienced precisely nothing myself, but I was shocked by how small the vicinity was in person. Sometimes, television gives us misperceptions, and makes things - and, sometimes, people - appear to be larger than they truly are. There were five rooms, total, in the area - on three different (1/2) levels.

The Bird Cage Theater was essentially a turn-of-the-decade era saloon and, yes, a whorehouse. Many prominent gamblers, such as "Doc" Holliday, played here. It was essentially a temporary "home" for local and national celebrities during that era. The Theater (obviously) contained an auditorium, and was essentially *the* place of Tombstone during that era. It contained a wind hall, several gaming tables, and a couple rooms downstairs where the high rollers carried on illicit love affairs. Quite fun.

For the record, I am beginning a paranormal investigation group tentatively titled 'Mid-West Paranormal.' We will be actively exploring reportedly haunted regions throughout the midwest. In fact, we have already explored Stull, Kansas - supposedly one of the seven gateways to Hell, Sauer Castle in Kansas City, Kansas, Hotel Savoy in Downtown Kansas City, where a person was murdered inside one of the rooms, and Odd Fellows Insane Asylum in Liberty, Missouri, home of several paranormal phenomenon. Keep in mind that this project is tentative, and we need to organize paperwork and add members, as well. As of now, only three members of this group currently exist. We cover material systematically and scientifically, so EMF detectors are used, as well as tape recorders, thermometers, and cameras. For more information on the group, contact yours truly.

Jack, I thought you were covering baseball material on this blog?!

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