Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mike Stinkey: Raw

NOTE: Keep in mind that this segment of 'Raw' only consists of two questions, total.

Mike Stinkey has posted around Royals Corner nearly as long as the site has been around. His opinions have generally inspired polarizing reactions - everything from resentment to agreement (but mostly resentment). Although I disagree with his sentiments on the obvious former ex-Royal, I happen to understand the logic in much of what Mike Stinkey says that doesn't revolve around the former captain. I think even he'd admit he's a bit of a cynic, but he provides non-self effacing comic relief to the board.

Unfortunately, I couldn't extract much from the determined Mr. Stinkey, but here are a couple questions to which he did respond. Keep in mind that the sentiments of these particular posters do not necessarily mirror those of yours truly. Also, these series are unedited. I decided to triple-space the responses in classic Stinker fashion.

TRT: Introduce yourself. How did you become a fan of the Royals, and how did you discover the Royals message boards, notably the message board you currently contribute to, Royals Corner?

MS: Born & raised in KC. As Roy Williams might say: "I'm Royal born and Royal bred. And when I die, I'll be Royal dead." The fact is, you're given your sports teams at birth, or at least in childhood. I'm stuck with the Royals unless they fold/re-locate.

TRT: You have made your antipathy for Mike Sweeney well-known throughout Royals Message Board Nation over the past several years. Tell us how you *really* feel. All kidding aside, how did the disgust - or frustration? - for the Royals' former catcher/designated hitter/first baseman begin? Do you remain as frustrated with "Stinkey" today as he heads to the Seattle Mariners' Spring Training camp?

MS: Mike Sweeney is problematic for me on several levels. First and foremost, he was a colossal bust. Everyone can and should agree with that.

So what else is it? I am convinced he used PEDs. If that is true, everyone should dislike his usage and his denials.

He was injured a lot - 1/3 of his games under that contract. The fans & media excused the time off as simply bad luck. Quite a pass.Primarily though, I dislike the way he made Royals fans defend him to the death. The "Cult of Sweeney" was something I doubt we'll ever see in this town again, almost as strong as the "Cult of Derrick Thomas". As adults, we should know everyone is imperfect....but fans don't look at THEIR GUYS as having flaws. That is odd and contributed to my disillusionment on Mike. You simply couldn't criticize his performance without being shouted at. Or worse - as hating his religion. I always found that attack to be quite weird.


That's basically it. I would love to hear back from the Stinker in the future. The opportunity was simply too beneficial to pass up. I think I've made a lot of headway / covered unventured ground in even interviewing him, though.

In the meantime......cheers!


Jeff Parker said...

I am convinced he used PEDs. If that is true, everyone should dislike his usage and his denials.

I would dislike his usage and denials if it were true, but there is no proof that he took PED's and no other players have pointed a finger at him. I'm convinced that he didn't use and unless he's one of the 104 I will believe him.

Dr Thunder said...

Mike Stinkey.........Bopper? Is that you?