Saturday, August 2, 2008

You CAN come home again (well, at least to visit)

Well, its early August. So for me that means my yearly trip halfway across the country to visit my family in Kansas.

Thank god the boys in blue are at home this week. I'll be attending the series against Boston starting with Tuesday's game, sitting in section 304, and Wednesday's game, sitting in section 135.

I will be bringing my 6 year old daughter to her first game in KC, along with my best friend and his 5 year old daughter. We are making the games, super special father -daughter bonding time.

Christmas comes for most people in December, but for me, its in August. I am psyched to see the stadium renovations that are in progrss and the new scoreboard.

See y'all at the ballpark!

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RLBLUE said...

Don't forget to take your daughter to Guest Services (behind home plate on the plaza level). They have special "stuff" for first time visitors to the K.