Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pop Quiz – It’s Time For Jose Guillen To:

A Quit baseball to tour the country providing Anger Management Seminars.
B Team up with Milton Bradley to lead a player-movement letting fans know how much they’re appreciated.
C Round up all the younger players in a rousing chorus of Cum-Ba-Ya.
D Go on the disabled list to rest his ailing groin, hip, knee, ego…

While playing hurt, he is not helping the team. He can’t: run out infield hits, take an extra base, run down bloops in the outfield, get into position to make a strong throw, show the fans how much he wants to win.

I kind of admire a player who will play dinged-up, but there comes a point where that begins hurting rather than helping the team. That time has come for Jose Guillen. Juan Gonzalez was just the opposite of Mr. Guillen, and for that I’m very glad to see Jose show the ability and drive to continue playing…

… but…

… It’s Time…


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