Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let's Blame Hillman, Pt. 2

I apologize for the typos and the ubrupt ending in my first half. (I had to leave the public computer I was at and could not save nor copy what I had written, and could merely submit it).

I site the performances of David DeJesus and Jose Guillen. These two have the most RBI and hits on the team. They are, arugably, the two most productive players on the team. I believe this is largely due to the regularity in which they are placed in the line- up. Every day DDJ has been the lead- off hitter for the Royals when he has played and he has been very productive. The only exceptions are when he has batted later in the line- up and not hit for avg., or RBI, or on- base percentage.

Guillen has been permanently planted in the four- hole by Hillman, even though he has not hit for avg., except for only a few hot streaks in the season. The only reason Hillman kept Guillen hitting clean- up was because he is the only power hitter the team has! Otherwise, he would have been juggled around just like anyone else.

It's one thing for a manager to not be afraid to mix things up once in a while, especially when the team is not performing well in certain areas. But, Hillman is well beyond that. He needs to create line- ups that regularly place the same players in the same spots so each player knows where he stands and knows his responsibility, and the team can work and produce as a team. More consistency in the batting order will allow more consistency and better offensive performances by the Kansas City Royals.

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