Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let's Blame Hillman, not Barnett

The Royals began the season incredibly weak offensivly. They had litterally the worst hitting stats in the league, specifically in HR, RBI, AVG., Runs, and BB. (Based upon my memory I admit, but I did look them up a few months ago.) However, the Royals began to improve offensively in early June, especially with the call- up of now starting SS, Mike Aviles.

But nonetheless, there were and still are cries to replace hitting coach Mike Barnett. And it is his problem that his batters can't bunt or move runners or can't adjust to pitchers or have incredible flaws in their swings like Teahen and TPJ.

However, being a professional athlete means consistency. IMO, athletes can't perform at their highest potential without consistency. Why do you think they tend to be so superstitious? It's a consistency upon which they lay faith, along with regulary scheduled tasks such as b.p., stretching, dressing, and their other daily tasks.

Who's job is it to see that every player performs at their highest potential? Who is it that must give players and the team consistency in order for them to perform at the highest lever? The manager, Trey Hillman. But he has not done this all year with the batting line- up. Given Kansas City's latest string of injuries, line- up consistency becomes more difficult. However, Hillman has juggled the line- up like a clown with flaming bowling pins at the circus all season. This means NO consistency. No reliability. Players are constantly being put in different positions in the line- up with different responsibilities to the team. The players don't know on any given day in which spot they will be batting.

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