Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some more 2008 predictions

Attached are my predictions given in a Royals Review contest.

Record: 75-87
Runs scored: 736
Runs allowed: 794
Batting average: .265
OPS: .724
HR: 139 (huge leap from last year)
ERA: 4.59

Predict who will lead the Royals in the following stat categories (give a name):
Runs: David DeJesus
Doubles: Billy Butler
Triples: David DeJesus
Home Runs: Alex Gordon
RBI: Jose Guillen
Walks: David DeJesus
Strikeouts: Alex Gordon
Stolen bases: Joey Gathright
Batting average (min 150 AB): Alberto Callaspo
OBP (min 125 AB): Esteban German
SLG (min 125 AB): Alex Gordon
OPS (min 125 AB): Alex Gordon

Wins: Zack Greinke
Saves: Joakim Soria
Quality starts: Gil Meche
Holds: Jimmy Gobble
IP: Zack Greinke
SO: Zack Greinke
K/9 (min 40 ip): Yazuhiko Yabuta
BB/9 (min 40 ip): Brett Tomko (I know...)
ERA (min 40 ip): Joakim Soria

How many games out will the R's finish?: 20

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