Friday, March 7, 2008

MLB Gaming 2008!

Does anyone make an annual rush to the Blockbusters and Hollywood Videos of the world to purchase the latest in MLB gaming? MLB 08: The Show promises to be the most comprehensive and best baseball game since MVP 2005 (my personal favorite).

- New career advancements
- New career goals
- Position-specific situations
- A new Progressive Batting Performance feature which rewards players for
consistent hitting, and conversely penalizes them for prolonged slumps.
- Improved online play with the newly introduced SCOUT (or "SportsConnect
Online User Tracking") feature, which allows users to save personalized game
settings and use those settings to quickly find online opponents.
- Pitcher/Batter analysis both during and after games, including
information about batter performance against a certain pitcher, various pitches
and even the results of each pitch. (PS3 and PSP only)
- As well, the ability to save gameplay, while still in game.
- Also appearing on the PlayStation 3 version is Replay Vault. The Replay
Vault allows the player to make their own highlight reels or just allow them to
have bragging rights on their friends with best plays from a no-hitter or just a
simple diving stop. The player can also view a certain highlight by team,
player, or inning.
- In the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable versions of the game,
personal music can be added from the memory stick (PSP) or the hard drive (PS3)
- Users can also take music from their hard disks and use it to create a
custom soundtrack for the game.
- Soundtrack includes Tribe Called Quest, Hot Hot Heat, The Ramones, Thin
Lizzy, Franz Ferdinand, Kenna, and More. Some good indie action.

Is anyone psyched for the upcoming season in MLB gaming? I plan on purchasing this tomorrow or Saturday, and I'll let you know what I think. Also, who's up for a K.C. Royals dynasty getting periodically posted - and updated - here on TRT? I'm loving it!

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