Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hillman Unveils Another Possible 2008 Lineup

In The Kansas City Star, manager Trey Hillman revealed another possible starting lineup for the 2008 season. Obviously, the lineup proposal, in my opinion, should be interpreted as nothing more than a grain of salt. About 15 Spring Training games still separate today from the season opener in Detroit. Nonetheless, here is his lineup, as of today:

CF: David DeJesus
2B: Mark Grudzielanek
1B: Ross Gload
RF: Jose Guillen
3B: Alex Gordon
DH: Billy Butler
LF: Mark Teahen
C: John Buck
SS: Tony Pena

Several thoughts:

- DeJesus remains in the leadoff slot. As long as he's in center field, I like it. No complaints there.

- Not that we have many ideal options, but Grudzielanek better maintain a .300+ contact rate if he's truly our best #2-hitting option. I'm still pretty confident he's not, and that Teahen should be there instead. As long as the organization still views him as a power-hitter (which he's not), he's a safe bet to K 100 times, which might offset his slight advantage in OBP from that 2-hole. Still, though....Grudzielanek as #2 hitter? Kind of uncreative, if you ask me.

- I would rather have about 9 candidates from the 3-hole than Ross Gload. Yes, I know PECOTA projects a friendly .300/.350/.450 showing from our 32-year old first baseman, but that's still low from the first base side. I would rather have Teahen from this slot. Is this our best #3 option? Come on. (Where is Ryan Shealy and/or Justin Huber? Is Hillman being diplomatic to the veteran and not mentioning the other two to make them earn their job, or is this a sign of an organization's de-valuing of two viable 1B options and catering toward yet another grizzled veteran?)

- Jose Guillen fourth. No complaints there, but I would move him to LF.

- Alex Gordon from the 5-hole. OK.

- Billy Butler from the 6-hole makes little sense when you consider he is already a more talented, mature, and poised hitter than the five sitting above him in the lineup. Just place him in the #3-hole. What could he possibly have done last season to earn him a demotion in the lineup?

- Teahen from the 7-slot. Seems a bit low for me. He's our third best OBP-guy, at this point, with the possibility of being our second best. Why move a likely .360 OBP this low, power be damned?

- Buck from the 8-slot. OK.

- Tony Pena is still in the lineup. Very, very bothersome that the organization lacks the creativity to use Callaspo in this role, let alone starting him.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I would rather see Gload explode into the transactions column as a DFA than have him bat regularly in the 3 slot.

J-RAY said...

Gload is not a #3 hitter...i hope he isn't serious