Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hey catchy title or what ? Wait a second isn't that the name of that there* skater in the Salt Lake Olympics ? Apollo Ono ?

(Guess so I don't think it's Shaq)
Back to the subject at hand the Royals just got done getting swept by the Tigers and I want to draw a parallel from that series to the start of the 12 game losing streak. If you recall Boston's Jon Lester no hit KC in the startish~ of the streak and now we were almost no-no-ed by Armando.

But the good news is we weren't and therefore I look at no more then an 8 game losing streak at the most. O wait I'm getting something..................

Mitch Maier !!!!

Yes thank you !! YAHOOOoo !!!! As we all know a Mitch Maier stops any losing streak !! Even against the Rays, hey thats me. So just remember I predicted the Royals win today and let's hope they do because I don't want to log back on and put up a disclaimer&.
*Country talk so I can speak in a native language to the citations outside KC like myself
~ A new word look for it on Rany's blog in the future others came up with Mexecutioner I came up with this
& Disclaimer just in case though it's doubtful we lose since we've got an M&M

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