Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Top Royals Prospects

I've compiled my own list of top prospects within the organization. Keep in mind that this list is purely from my own spare time, and isn't a "final say", by any means. Because of my lack of Minor League games visited and lack of extreme in-depth knowledge of the players' on-field tendencies, this list by any means shouldn't be interpreted as 'official'. My grading system is similar to that of John Sickels, writer for the website Minor League Ball. However, my grades are slightly friendlier.

However, I'd like to read your thoughts!

A = Absolute can't miss. Will be a big-league superstar.
A- = Can't miss prospect who should contribute at big-league level and will likely become a star.
B+ = Can't miss prospect who should contribute at big-league level and might become a star.
B = Prospect who should contribute at big-league level.
B- = Prospect who might contribute at big-league level.
C+ = Intriguing prospect who might contribute at big-league level.
C = Borderline prospect who might contribute at big-league level.
C- = Borderline prospect who will probably not contribute at big-league level.

*NOTE:* I was somewhat lenient in my definition of a 'prospect'. I included all Minor Leagues 27 and younger.

Mike Moustakas

Luke Hochevar

Dan Cortes
Chris Lubanski

Carlos Rosa
Blake Wood
Julio Pimentel
Dan Duffy
Blake Johnson
Jarod Plummer
Justin Huber
Derrick Robinson
Clint Robinson
Matt Mitchell
Neal Musser (At age 27, I considered him)

Mario Lisson
Rowdy Hardy
Brian McFall
Peter Hodge Nielsen
Mike Lehmann
Mitch Maier
Angel Sanchez
Brent Fisher
Sam Runion
Sean McCauley
David Wood
Zach Peterson

Dusty Hughes
Tyler Lumsden
Anthony Bradley
Rayner Oliveros
Jose Duarte
Jeff Bianchi
Joe Dickerson
Adrian Ortiz
Anthony Seratelli
Jake Lane
Patrick Norris
Eric Van Slyke
Dane Secott

Matt Wright
Mike Aviles
Mike Stodolka
Tyler Chambliss
Chris Nicoll
Brian Paukovitz
Fernando Cruz
Luis Cota
Jamar Walton
O.D. Gonzalez
Wilson Tucker
Nick Van Stratten
David Lough
Williams Farinas
Mario Santiago
Angelo Morales
Pat Cassa
Jason Roach
Matt Jensen
Burke Baldwin
Greg Holland
Chris Chavez

Matt Tupman
Ray Liotta
Paul Mildren
Justin Barnes
Gilbert De La Vara
Kila Kaaihue
Yovany D'Amico
Michael Penn
Arthur Santos
Kiel Thibault
Josh Johnson
Marc Maddox
Brad McCann
Chris McConnell
Miguel Vega
Brett Bigler
Harold Mozingo
Luis Castillo
Brady Everett
Kurt Mertins
Joe Augustine
Ryan Woods
Eduardo Paulino
Brian Gausman
Alex Caldera
Jason Godin
Matt Campbell
Chris Hayes

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