Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trade Deadline Thoughts

When you see what the Padres and Rangers received for their respective relievers, one can't help but be gravely disappointed at what we received in return. Sure, he's 23, but he's all but proven himself as a AAAA player to this point. Maybe he was rushed, but he had a 1.90 WHIP and 8.38 ERA last year. He's going to have to turn it around and fast for Moore to even consider calling this a good trade.

The more I think about the ramifications surrounding this deal, the more disappointed I am in it. Dayton Moore had better give one hell of a spin in his 5:00 interview on WHB.

And I shouldn't have compared Davies to Pittsley. Comparing the two is out of line. Pittsley at least had a 90-mph. fastball, ha. In the case of Davies, he's a projectable #5 starter. We already have Matt Wright and Billy Buckner stashed at Omaha. A middle reliever.

Meanwhile, Reggie Sanders and Emil Brown are still on the roster. And Joey Gathright is still in AAA. I'm beginning to question the direction of this organization.

Reggie Sanders, Mark Grudzielanek, and Emil Brown are all still on the roster after the July 31 trade deadline, meaning young players like Shane Costa and Joey Gathright still have to be stuck in Omaha, and the young Esteban German is still riding the pine 60% of the time.

We trade a possible top-tier closer, and definite top-tier setup man, for a might-be #5 pitcher posting mediocre numbers - at best - in the National League. He's 23, sure, but the fact is that he has had six years to develop into an MLB-ready pitcher and that clearly has not happened.

Does anyone else see a lack of organizational plan? To me, it's obvious that Moore should have found any way to trade Brown or Sanders, or at least D.F.A. them and trade them, when he had the chance, so the organization can go with what the organization *should* go for.


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