Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Ballad of Scottie

Man, everybody in the Royals' fanbase desperately wants to see Elarton released. Fans are wishing that he would struggle in Omaha, just so Royals' management won't use that one decent start as an excuse to use him in Kansas City this season (*as trade bait*). As for "should Elly stay or should Elly go", it's pretty. darn. unanimous. I almost feel sorry for Scottie.

Here are his combined numbers in K.C., Omaha, and Wichita this season:

88.1 IP (OK, in 18 starts...maybe a little low)
107 H (yikes)
72 ER (wow)
25 HR (that's right, folks......25)
38 BB (hey, that's actually not horrible)
36 K (wait a is)
1.64 WHIP (yowza)

For the record, I'm pretty convinced Glass has meddled into the affairs and won't allow for Elarton's release.

But here's Buddy on his boy:

"We'll be watching (tonight) see how Scottie pitches". "He can stay down there for another one or two starts". (that was before his July 18 start in Omaha)

Oh, no. I'd rather have LaRue hitting fifth 70% of the time than see Home Run Elarton in K.C. for one more start. Do they actually think they have trade value? And if so, should we schedule Dayton a meeting with Dr. Phil or a meeting with Maury Povich?

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