Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cool Hand....Nuke?

Hochevar had a lovely Tuesday evening in Colorado Springs. Granted, Colorado, at its elevation, is a launching pad. But Hoch gave up three home runs, eight hits, and NINE earned runs in Omaha's 11-6 loss. That's not exactly going to keep your team in the game. He struck out three and walked three, throwing 4 1/3 innings. His AAA ERA is now a lovely 7.08. Hochevar hurled 97 pitches, 58 of which were strikes. I'm becoming more and more convinced that Hochevar has changed his delivery after seeing a number of Scott Boras coaches. I can dig up the article if anyone would like.

I've had plenty of sample size - over one year to judge Luke Hochevar. My opinions on him have changed drastically in that time span. I believe he's well on his way to becoming another pitcher in a long line of Royals busts. At this increasingly critical time for the Royals - a time where they must develop young prospects - Hochevar has disappointed to all avail.

Moore has himself stated that Hoch has "underachieved" this season. That's quite an understatement.

Hochevar must turn it around - and soon.


Minor Leagues Combined:

W-L Record: 4-8
ERA: 5.12
GS/G: 20/21
IP: 114.1
H: 132
ER: 65
R: 78
HR: 19
BB: 37
K: 112
WHIP: 1.48

AAA Omaha Royals:
W-L Record: 1-2
ERA: 7.08
GS/G: 4/4
IP: 18.1
H: 22
ER: 16
R: 16
HR: 6
BB: 11
K: 18
WHIP: 1.80

AA Wichita Wranglers:
W-L Record: 3-6
ERA: 4.69
GS/G: 16/17
IP: 94
H: 110
ER: 49
R: 62
HR: 13
BB: 26
K: 94
WHIP: 1.47

That's not going to get it done, folks.

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