Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hillman, you're on notice

Words cannot describe the idiocy that took place in the mind of our skipper today. How on earth can you bypass Joakim Soria not once but twice - at the very least? He brings in Jamey Wright in the eighth inning, and after the game is tied, he calls upon Kyle Farnsworth - who was warming up minutes ago alongside Joakim Soria - who promptly surrenders the game winning blast?

Someone defend Hillman's handling of the bullpen today. Someone defend Hillman's handlings of the bullpen in games' past. Someone convince me why Hillman should not only NOT be the manager of the future, but the manager of the present, as well?

Delaying Soria for the game is absolute idiocy. It's a thousand other negative adjectives. Going with Farnsworth - loser of now three games - again - in such a critical situation is priceless. Utterly priceless.

I liked Hillman. I still like Hillman, but not as a manager. I wanted to believe in him. But far as I'm concerned, he has lost ALL credibility.

*Edit* I'll rescind my clamor to fire Hillman now. Unfortunately, so many managers are so much the same. They're all quite mediocre with regard to game strategy. However, he should be on a short leash.


Ray W said...

Fire Trey Hillman yesterday oh wait.
As I'm sure you'll recall I was all for Pendelton but Hillman this just isn't Japan any more.

Dr Thunder said...

I love it when you rant. You're still nice even when you're pissed.

Royals Nation said...

I'm more Dr. Thunder-like in person. I've tossed around plenty of adjectives to describe Hillman today. I'm tired of being pissed at his mishandlings and just accept that I - excuse me, *WE*, are correct in our assertions that he's an incompetent manager.

Dr Thunder said...

That's whats funny. I'm not mad at all about it. I just think its incredibly hilarious how fucking stupid Trey Hillman actually is.

Ray W said...

How the heck did you get that Schmap thing to say brought to you by The Royal Treatment ?

Gosh I was the first, the first, Royals blogger to have one !!!

Royals Nation said...

Someone from Blogger (I think) e-mailed me, offering me the feature. I thought it was pretty cool - so I accepted the code and there it is. I'm a copycat, officially.

Kelvim said...

I think Hillman still missed Japan.

In Japan,their fool concept is that the CL need to wait their team leads 1~3 runs,and they appear for Saves.

But Hillman forgets he is in the MLB now!

And he forgets he don't have Yu Darvish now. XD

Anonymous said...

Until Dave Glass is removed as owner the Royals will be the Clippers of baseball. MR Glass is without a doubt the worst owner in sports and must sell the club to someone who will at least try to produce a winner, not a Walmart special at Macy's prices.