Monday, February 16, 2009

On The Turdburds: America's Joke

I just find many Cardinals fans I encounter to be holier-than- thou in their attitues when comparing St. Louis vand Kansas City. However, many fans from St. Louis are strangely insecure and overtly defensive about their hometown. If you gather three K.C. men and three StL. men, and hold a conversation about the two cities, chances are the conversation will be dominated by the St.L. men, and will center on the city of St. Louis.

Cardinals fans, generally, want nothing to do with the Royals. They are *above* the Royals. They don't have time to remotely care for them, except for making references about a Hall of Fame Royals player who retired 16 years ago - and notably, how big of an arrogant jerk he is, and how his sexual preference fits into the picture.

I know/knew many good Cards fans, including my grandfather (Lee & Mike's dad) and my dad's business partner. But so many are completely arrogant and ignorant to matters K.C.-related. My dad's business partner will tell you that willingly.I don't see the Midwestern pride with the city of St. Louis. They are supposedly the "gateway to the west", but St. Louisian Cardinals fans are either consumed with how great of a city Chicago is and how much they envy/loathe/ despise/hate the Cubs, or are consumed with culture of the east coast. Sometimes, it seems that entire city belongs in eastern Pennyslvania or New Jersey - not freaking Missouri.

Cardinals fans continuously deem themselves the "GREATEST FANS IN THE WORLD" and are obsessed with their throwback brand of small-ball, bunting, and double-switches that have proven to not work in a number of scientifically- based baseball texts, including the renowed Moneyball. Cardinals fans readily jump at anyone who questions their team or the city. I have heard two St. Louisians deem the Arch the tallest building in the United States in my lifetime.

There is still a rivalry between the Cards and Royals. My cousin admits it. Other Cardinals fans I have encountered - including a couple at a Springfield Cardinals game - have admitted it. Otherwise they wouldn't flock to Kansas City in the thousands and thousands to watch an evidently meaningless July game.

Their 2006 squad was worse than about 5 N.L. squads and 10 A.L. squads, yet they made the postseason. Their roster, since 2005, has been shot to Hades, and they still feel entitled as "America's team."

The arrogant Turdburds fans of which I speak are a joke. And I'm looking forward to watching that team drown in a Royal-like two decades of haplessness and misery.


Now I feel better.


Ray W said...

Yeah I might be gone from the Yahoo list soon but who cares ?
Oh God I've gone Dr.Thunder haven't I.

Royals Nation said...

As have I. I think we have a little Dr. Thunder in all of us! :)

Anonymous said...

He's saying the things we really want to most times...with reckless abandonment. Just be glad he's a Royals fan.