Friday, February 6, 2009

Murray Chass, You Are A Moron

Royals Nation Does Not Exist!!!

According to arguably one of the laziest and mis- or ill-informed sports writers in the last decade, the term Royals Nation does not exist. I find this insulting and amusing at the same time. Anyone who has done any research into the Royals blogosphere knows that I frequent many other Royals websites using this moniker. In addition, I'd like to think my site holds some relevance in the blogosphere. (Not as much as Royals Review or some others, but it's been linked on many occasions). 255 members ain't bad. And, believe me, I'm not trying to sound egotistical or naive, but it shows how much Chass truly loathes the blogosphere, "Mother's Basement" types, and how little research he actually puts forth in the vast majority of his articles. There are several dozen extremely active Royals message boards and blogs out there. Maybe he should do a little research next time.

Spread the word that Murray Chass is truly an awful sports writer who has no clue what he's talking about.

Some helpful links for Murray Chass, the moron:

I'm proud of my contributions to each of these fine websites.

Oh, and....

If anyone wishes to read an e-mail that I sent to Chass, e-mail me or respond here.

Murray Chass.



Jeff Parker said...

If there is a Royals Nation, it has not been memorialized in the pages of United States newspapers.

Because newspapers are the only source of information. The internet is just a passing fad that is only good for searching newspaper articles.

Antonio. said...

I have zero love for the man, and that's probably a main reason for missing FJM as much as I do, but as Jeff said, he only used something to look up usages in the papers...he's daft about the computer and it didn't occur to him to use I guess it makes sense that he didn't find Royals Nation. Still no excuse, but you can't change the mind of most people. Mrs. Chass probably loves this about him.

Royals Nation said...

Admittedly, I overreacted with this post, especially since he only considered newspapers. I wasn't trying to sound pompous or egotistical with this post, the article altogether just strikes me as odd considering the relevance the blogosphere now holds in sports "media." I've met Sam Mellinger - he's a good guy. He's even a registered member of Royals Nation. I do feel obliged that Chass decided to include me in his blog, though. Do I sense an increased rebellious nature of TRT, recently? Maybe the fiery, unapologetic pits of Hapless Royals has inspired me, a bit.