Monday, December 29, 2008

Scouting Report On......Errr....Myself

Apologies about the twelve day break between posts. I was visiting family in Springfield, vacationing in New Or-LEANS, and, finally, heartbroken without a computer - if for merely one day - in Kansas City. Either way, I recently wasted about ten minutes and posted a scouting report for....myself.....over on - where else? - Corner message board. Props to RC poster RoyalsRetro for beginning this intriguing post topic. (Retro drew some inspiration from Minor League blogger extraordinaire John Sickels).

Without further ado, here is a scouting report for your humble The Royal Treatment blogger, Royals Nation.

Keep in mind these pictures are extremely dated. The information may or may not be accurate. For everyone who thought I couldn't hit in high school, shadddup!!!!11

Royals Nation - HS, Pembroke Hill
P / 2B / 3B / COF
Ht: 6'0", Wt: 185


Windup resembles that of Bronson Arroyo; somewhat unconventional and slightly herky-jerky. Fastball 81-83mph., plus-plus changeup, curveball is inconsistent and could use work. Trouble spotting his curveball accurately and trouble with the usual 11-5 break. Changeup works like a charm but batters often roll their bat over on it and loop it just beyond infielders but too shallow for outfielders. Plus-defender with good instincts and accurate arm. Odd release to pitches. Has trouble in the first inning.

Spray hitter with very little home run power and limited doubles power. Plate discipline excellent but leads to astronomical BB and K totals....not a great combination with his lack of power. Very little speed not ideal for right-handed hitter. The ultimate streaky hitter. Slumps lead to benching but spurts lead to the occasional batting at the top of the order. Possible #2 hitter. Very selective hitter an advantage with finesse and wild pitchers who rely on strike zone placement. Velocity-oriented pitchers and lefties give RN a difficult time.


Plus-defender with decent instincts but mediocre speed and quickness. Not terrific with glove; arm is somewhat inaccurate at 3B. Good instincts and sure-handedness make him best suitable for second base. Mark Grudzielanek-type player without much flash. Difficult plays hard on RN, easy plays are almost always converted. Not tremendous with double-play potential.


Little to none, whatsoever. Not a threat to steal, at all. Instincts on basepaths a weakness in his game.

PHS represent! (That's me on the left).

Are you asleep yet?

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