Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Random Thoughts 6/27

I have to admit....while Gathright's instincts in the outfield were Berroa-caliber, he made up for it by finding himself "in the action" in virtually every Royals rally. He played the very role of a "pest" in Tuesday's game - taking the extra base on a would-be single and when others were hitting, and stealing two bases.


Gil Meche, once again, looked solid. He proved himself as a legitimate All-Star representative, striking out seven and walking one in six innings. His curveball was mid-'90s Appier caliber, but does anyone know the velocity on his fastball yesterday?


In my opinion, taking out Greinke with a runner on first base and one out was bizarre and unfounded. Leaving Greinke and Peralta out there for 1+ innings yesterday makes both unavailable today. Peralta could have easily pitched two innings on Wednesday to bail DLR out of his inevitable mess. Musser could have pitched in situations he belongs - blowouts - beginning the seventh inning and finishing the game yesterday.

Beyond the lineup changes (hitting Brown fourth), that pitching decision was just another bizarre and unfounded decision by Buddy Bell.


We have nicknames intact for Billy Butler ("Billy The Kid" and "The Butler Did It!") and John Buck ("Mr. Incredible"), but what shall Gordon's nickname be? No, it can't be Gord-y or Alex-y, no matter how much the board Bellketeers want it to be


I'm pumped after a game like yesterday. Hopefully, the Royals can continue winning with a suspect 3-through-5 in their pitching staff. If they can overachieve in the coming couple weeks, then that might give them room in case they suffer through another six or seven game downfall when their pitching catches up with them.


This might be off-topic, but 17 Royals are now still standing over at Royals Survivor on Royals Nation.

17 Royals are left standing:

C - John Buck
2B - Esteban German
3B - Alex Gordon
LF - Billy Butler
LF - Joey Gathright
CF - David DeJesus
RF - Mark Teahen

SP - Brian Bannister
SP - Luke Hochevar
SP - Gil Meche
SP - Carlos Rosa
RP - Octavio Dotel
RP - Jimmy Gobble
RP - Zack Greinke
RP - Joel Peralta
RP - David Riske
RP - Joakim Soria

We sent the Angels to their first losing series this month, and the Royals are now 13-11 for June. Here's to finishing with the first winning month since July 2003! Small moves, Dayton! Small moves!


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