Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spam Posts

OK, the numerous spam messages that have appeared on my site over the last month are prompting me to approve all comments before they are posted. Normally, I wouldn't do this but I'm tired of spammers messing up my site.




Jeffrey Kittel said...

I use Blogger as well and I've had the same problems at my site (http://thisgameofgames.blogspot.com/). I tried word verification about a year ago but it wouldn't allow anyone to post comments. Eventually I just switched comment moderation on to allow me to approve (or not) any comments on posts older than two weeks, since it seemed that most of the spam was on older posts.

I hope you have better luck with this than I did. The spamming of Blogger sites has gotten out of control and there are days when I'm sorry I didn't choose WordPress when I started my site.

Dr Thunder said...

That's the good thing about having a blog no one reads. I get no spam.

Jack said...

Ha! I've only received one spam message go into my G-mail inbox since I posted this, so hopefully I'm in a better position.

Where did you go, Doctor? Did someone steal your Thunder? [/slaps mic over]