Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Defense

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Here are some general thoughts as we approach the 1/2 mark of the 2009 season.

- The defense needs to improve drastically, and in my opinion, it needs to be a #1 priority this offseason. If that means jettisoning Billy Butler, Mike Jacobs, Alberto Callaspo, and others, so be it. Especially considering this team still is not near contention (we're 5 1/2 games back, sure, but we're seven games below .500 well before the break), our veteran spare parts need to be shopped. As begrudging as it sounds, we need to shop Gil Meche, as well. He is a #2-quality starter who, in my opinion, could net us everyday players or prospects at a couple positions. Players like Crisp and Jacobs would net less, and we would likely have to pick up a significant portion of Jose Guillen's remaining salary.

- Trey Hillman needs to go. Enough with the bullpen mismanagement, the almost routine games with comedies of errors, and lack of fundamentals. He has improved with regard to playing time distribution and stolen base success rate, but in my opinion, he is still far from where we want to be as the captain.

- Dayton Moore needs to be on the hot seat. Our offensive run output has actually diminished under his tenure while he has had far greater fiscal resources and lack of ownership intervention during his tenure.

Since defense is a number one priority, though, here is a rant that I originally posted on Royals Corner. The final question applies for The Royal Treatment as well.

Unfortunately, even if Kila moves in (hopefully, that will happen), the right side of our infield will still be subpar. Now, of course, I think Kila and Callaspo will negate their defense enough to be at least everyday players next season. However, when pitchers like Hochevar are starting (assuming he starts next year), then it could hinder us that much more.

I realize this is subjective, but here is I believe how we would rank defensively from the players signed in our organization next year, including the arb.-eligibles (qualitatively):

Catcher - Buck (average), Olivo (slightly above average), B. Pena (atrocious), House (atrocious)
First Base - Butler (below average), Ka'ahiue (below average), Shealy (above average), Jacobs (atrocious)
Second Base - Callaspo (below average), Hulett (average), Bloomquist (above average)
Shortstop - Pena (well above average), Aviles (above average), Bloomquist (below average), Hulett (below average), Hernandez (above average)
Third Base - Gordon (above average), Teahen (slightly below average), Bloomquist (well below average)
Left Field - DeJesus (above average), Teahen (well below average), Bloomquist (below average)
Center Field - Crisp (above average), Maier (above average)
Right Field - Guillen (atrocious), Teahen (below average), Bloomquist (well below average)

We need upgrades at catcher, first base, second base, shortstop if Aviles cannot hit at least .270/.310/.400, and right field(!!!!!) That's four positions. If Aviles can even come close to replicating '08, we're fine at shortstop, and we might have to bite the bullet again with Callaspo and first base. However, we clearly need a much, much, much, much better right fielder and we also need to drastically reduce the playing time of players like Willie Bloomquist and Mark Teahen in the field.

Does someone want to work on finding which Free Agent-eligible (2009-10) players could provide us plus defense at a resonable cost?


Anonymous said...
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devil_fingers said...

Hey, RN, just stopping by... Maybe I'll take a look elsewhere at upcoming free agents and defense, but I did want to mention a few things:

1) Butler has actually been around average all season at 1b. Small sample size, and scouts don't agree (although it's funny how they seem to change their minds as the stats do)... also, jettiston? He's 23, an above average hitter, and is overall a slightly-below average 1B with good development years remaining.

2) Callaspo sucks at defense, but he hits well enough to be definitely worth keeping around while he's cost-controlled.

A few differences of opinion on defense of some guys:
Bloomquist is atrocious at SS.

Buck is worse than Olivo, but even Olivo is average at best. Olivo has a good arm, but advanced WOWY analysis to show him to be historically bad at blocking pitches to the extent that he nullifies his control of the running game.

Bloomquist is average at best at second, probably a bit below at this point. He's probably only "above average" in LF -- his range is okay for RF, but his arm is dreadful. Okay, he's probably abov average at first...

TPJ's defense is overrated, but he's above average. Aviles has come back to earth -- he's average at best at short, probably below -- this year confirms not only scouting reports, but also his minor league TotalZone numbers.

I like Mark Teahen, but he's absolutely dreadful at third. That's a bit harsh -- he's okay stopgap, but UZr has him as one of the worst 3Bs in baseball at the moment, and that is reflected in the past, as well.

Just some thoughts. You know I'm with you on Moore, except that I'm worried about the Glasses being smart enough to hire someone better.

Marker58 said...

I'm glad to finally hear someone say something critical about Dayton Moore. He has been glorified in this city way beyond what he deserves. This team is awful, especially defensively, the "young talent" is going straight backwards developmentally, and there is no "young talent" in our minor league system at all. Mr Moore, you're doing an awful job, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with devil fingers. Butler has been a lot better than anyone thought he would be going into this year. He still struggles with the 3-6-3 double play but other than that he's been pretty good. TPJ aint that great especially with the bat he's been swinging and Callaspo is absolutely terrible. I do think that Jose Guillen will play better D if he continues to get healthy. He's been moving A LOT better in the outfield and on the bases lately.