Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poll Results, Week Five: The Next Pitcher

First and foremost, all apologies for not updating this blog - and, therefore, the poll, sooner. We all know that Brian Bannister was recalled from AAA Omaha shortly after the most recent TRT poll was assembled, so rather than delve into the results - for the record, the virtual consensus was that Luke Hochevar would be recalled before Bannister and would be the next non-current rotation candidate to make that start - let's delve into Brian Bannister's splits and metrics.

Thus far, it would appear he has been rather lucky, especially when you look at the strikeout-to-walk ratio. His

GS: 2
ERA: 0.69 (1 ER in 13 IP)
K/BB: 3/8
K/9 / K/BB: 2.08 / 5.54
BABIP: .129
LOB: 92.3%
FIP: 4.58

The FIP doesn't look terrible - it's probably about that of an average #3 starter, in fact - but he has been flukish with regard to left on base percentage and batting average on balls in play. That will almost certainly regress sooner rather than later. The strikeout-to-walk ratio, which Bannister has done a good job with in terms of keeping to a respectable ratio throughout the course of his Major and Minor League career - will almost certainly improve, as well.

Let's hope Banny can tame the Twins' suddenly hot bats - what with the return of catcher/All Star Joe Mauer - for this Saturday night. We'll need it, or else we'll likely have to avoid the sweep on Sunday, always an arduous task against a divisional rival who seemingly overcomes talent and uses that ridiculous ballpark - with all its nuances, inconveniences, odd bounces, and obnoxiously loud fans - to its opaque advantage.

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