Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Odds 'N' Ends

This week and weekend promises plenty of adventure in Royal-land. For one, I plan on attending at least one Royals Caravan event: in fact, I'll probably attend the Wednesday session in Butler, MO.

Also, I'm attending Awards Night this Friday. Plenty of pictures are promised.

Furthermore, FanFest is this weekend at the Overland Park Convention Center. Pictures are promised.

Here are questions that I would never be allowed to ask Dayton Moore:
- To what extent do you use statistical analysis in the organization
- Kyle Farnsworth to 2 guaranteed years. Why?
- Alex Gordon 7th in the lineup????!!!!

I have given Moore criticism where I feel it's due, but he's nonetheless an intriguing G.M. to follow. His old-school methodology just might work. And, well, it's not like I'm hanging up my Royal cleats anytime soon. In fact, I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan every single day (no, not fact, exactly the opposite at times!)

It appears some message board-ites loathe the idea of blogs. Who knew?

In the meantime, please visit TRT's sister site, Royals Nation. All-Time MLB Player Survivor is still happening in General Discussion.

In the meantime, the Royals invited five more Minor Leaguers to Spring Training camp. I provided a short analysis on the players at my site.

3 of these five players seem like filler types, which is perfectly acceptable to me. One is a possible future backup MLB catcher, and two more could eventually provide value on the bench, I think.

Clark is a definite filler type - really more of a bullpen catcher.
Howell's absolute upside is that of an easily replaceable MLB backup catcher. 25-years old just entering the Texas League? Hmmmm....
Suomi is organizational filler.
Duarte could be a 4th outfielder/pinch-runner type at the MLB level. Some isolated power...not a lot of on-base ability.
Robinson is intriguing because of his speed and defense. Definitely seems like a Moore guy. I'm not at all sold on him. He's an excellent athlete who can run well, but at this point he is Willie Mayes Hayes stuck in preseason batting practice mode in the movie Major League. The upside is obviously there. I project a Joey Gathright type career for him.

Cheers! Looking forward to sharing my FanFest/Caravan/Awards Night experiences with "Royals Nation" - both visually and verbally!!!

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