Monday, November 10, 2008

Royal Rant

Just a little rant as I come back from a little playing Army. Forgive my rambling and incoherant blather, it was an act of passion. I hope to have a follow up in a few weeks when it becomes more apparent what moves, if any, the Royals and Dayton Moore decide upon.

I'm sure you guys have seen the quotes from our fearless leader of the KC Royals refer to Mike "I don't need no stinking walks" Jacobs as being possibly the only significant move of the offseason. Now, as you all know, I was looking at this offseason as a huge step towards a playoff spot. Not only because I feel we have good talent already but because the holes that need to be filled have plenty of available talent to fill them. To top it all off, we all remember back in oh, I think it was August, Dayton Moore had not only promised, but emphatically demanded that there will be changes. I also find it more than irritating that two weeks ago it was mentioned that FA's won't even be looked at after it was stated by Moore numerous times that changes will be made. Moore states the current financial sink hole our country is currently in as the reason for not spending during the offseason. Forget about he $250 million the great people of Jackson County put up to renovate the already beautiful K, (although it will truly be the gem of MLB once completed), and the ticket increase that was implemented immediately after the season ended. No, that means nothing to Moore and David Glass. Apparently the whole "win now, we will do anything" approach doesn't hold true anymore. It was a fallacy that came from the soul sucking act of loosing 21 out of 28 games in one month. It was said with anger and bruised pride. Of course once the season ended and all of us ignorant fools that spend every free waking minute pouring our heart and souls into everything that is the Royals, moved on from this season and erased the pain of August with the false hope of September, it seemed to do the same for Moore. Now to be fair, Moore states that he is trying to make moves through trades but no one is willing to part with what the Royals want, nor for what the Royals are willing to give. My feeling is that unless we significantly upgrade a true position of weakness, ie; CF, SS, or C then I feel standing pat is the best course of action. There has been plenty of rumors of picking up Jeff Francoeur or Yuniesky Bentancourt. If Moore gives up anyone of consequence for either one of these players I will have lost all faith in our GM. The Jacobs move was even at best and that is only because he gave up a middle relieve that doesn't K many and is often injured. I was going to list some teams and players that I thought might be possible trade partners but right now I think we as fans should just take some time and wait to see what develops. Moore could be posturing and that wouldn't surprise me. As we stand now I do feel this team can compete very well in the Central if the players we have mentioned over the last 2-3 years develop into what we all believe they can be. Greinke could take another step forward, that with Gordon and Butler figuring it out could propel this team well over the top. It would take a guy like Davies or Hochevar to step up and be a legit #3 also but I feel between those two one will step up. The Hot Stove has just been lit, so it will take a month for the flames to really catch hold. Until then I will drink a few beers and see where it goes. I only wish it had started out better.

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