Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mike Sweeney Fun Facts! (Back To Negativity)

OK, I post this not to dog on Mike Sweeney. I think he's a good clubhouse presence and a once very good, now average, baseball player.

Royals' record with Sweeney in lineup since 2002: 202-320 (.387)
Royals' record without Sweeney in lineup since 2002: 119-179 (.399)

Still a bad team, but you would expect some noticeable improvement with a big "thumping" bat like Sweeney's in the middle of that lineup.

I post this hoping to make two points.

a) Sweeney has really been no more productive than an average #5 or #6 hitter since 2003.

b) Sweeney has no business being "captain" of this baseball team, who, like perennial contenders the Yankees and the Red Sox, happen to actually have a captain to begin with.

I love me some Sweeney, but his designation as captain is a spit in the face from ownership and management.

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